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Negative Reviews of Noontide Petals by Tauer

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Maybe it's also because I overapplied this on my skin, but the opening is just unbearable. Not sure if it's the aldehydes or something else, but the first few minutes of this scent smell like something very very synthetic, almost medicinal.

When the fragrance transitions into its heart and base notes, I cant help thinking that this smells pretty much like Incense Rose, which I like, but then I'm just left wondering: what's the point of creating a new fragrance, when all it does is mimick a previous one, to actually end up being quite worse?

I would avoid this one.
05th May, 2013
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United States
Noontide Petals opens on skin with a gargantuan aldehyde assault that melds with a supporting dull orange bergamot before moving to its mid phase. Early in the scent's heart the aldehydes remain as the bergamot is now replaced by very artificial rose yielding a soapy rose overall accord. As the fragrance dries down, the aldehydes and rose recede as it turns somewhat sweet, derived primarily by a sandalwood and slightly powdery vanilla base note tandem with patchouli support. Projection is outstanding and longevity is average at 7-8 hours on skin.

Knowing my prior disappointments with past Andy Tauer compositions, I approached Noontide Petals with great hesitancy while secretly hoping that it would be the first from the highly likable perfumer that I could embrace. Alas, within seconds after the aldehyde onslaught began I knew it was not to be... Noontide Petals strikes me as a very synthetic smelling mix of the aforementioned aldehydes and poor quality rose, yielding a fragrance profile very similar to another Tauer composition I disliked called Une Rose Vermeille (and also Briar Rose by Ineke, come to think of it) which ultimately smells like cheap rose shampoo. To its credit, the fragrance improves significantly late when the aldehydes finally die and the slightly sweet sandalwood and vanilla take over. Alas, by the time you get to this stage it is far too late and had I not forced myself to keep wearing it for this review I would have scrubbed it off long before getting there. I should note that projection fanatics will find plenty to love here, as that performance aspect was amazing from the start. Outstanding performance aside, the bottom line is the "poor" 2 star out of 5 rated Noontide Petals is just another disappointment from the well-regarded house of Tauer and my personal hunt for a composition I can enjoy from it continues.
04th May, 2013