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If the metallic notes weren't so pervasive, this would be more wearable. There's quite a bit going on, but the more warm, subtle pieces seem to get lost on me. Would be ok for a club or date night, but then so would most any cheaper, generic fragrance. The base notes are nice, but by the time I get there, I've had enough. Too strong for my taste.
01st February, 2016
Not very creative! but I appreciated that in the sample I received there was the olfactive pyramid explained and the olfactive family quoted. A good way to inform and disseminate the culture of perfumes.
21st November, 2015
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United States
I actually really enjoy this. Quick story on it....went into the only place I have locally that sells fragrance(a small Macy's)back in early 2013. And basically went around sampling everything I hadn't got my nose on yet...and honestly, this was the only frag that caught my attention out of everything I sniffed.

I know when this scent came out it got a lot of hate....but I see people starting to come around on it. I kind of understand why some don't like it, since its nuclear strength and mostly just apple, mint over a dominant vanilla/ambroxan overload. But I can't help it, it holds a special place in my collection. I will say this is one scent that after I wear it, I'm good for awhile before I rock it again. So my 100ml bottle with probably last me several lifetimes;) I find it to be a good compliment getter for me as well.
12th November, 2015
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Smells nice! I'm surprised this has so many negative reviews as it's not much more than a sweet, pleasant scent with a smooth synthetic mint note up top and a healthy heart of vanilla and ambroxan. It dries down to a vague and sweet woody base. While it's certainly not unusual or complex, Eros doesn't feel cheap or poorly composed either. Within its genre, Eros works well. Projection is good, though I think reports of Eros' nuclear strength are exagerrated. It has a medium range projection on me, and lasts for about 8 hours. Think along the lines of a more reserved One Million, Invictus, Le Male, etc. Easy to wear to work and casual social events, Eros offers a quieter mint alternative to the sweet and ubiquitous woody-amber colognes. Thumbs up.
29th October, 2015

I am not a big fan of VERSACE fragrances but truly this one is really nice,much better than Versache PH and Eau Fraiche for me.I love this scent it says:Eat me!surprisingly pleasant and other words Modern,Sweet,Aromatic, Interesting and Charming.

Aromatic freshness of green apple,lemon and mint Precede a cute and charming hert of granium and tonka bean,this notes are wrapped in low notes of manly woods and rich cedar with a tender touch of vanilla that result is like a hug from a loved one that soothes throughout the anothers VERSACE fragrances the opening is so better than dry down.

This EDT is positively delicious smelling the sexiness is blended with a beautiful,playful casual hair. EROS created after a young and free-spirited modern muse.It makes you feel fun,fantacy,young and flirty.Nothing a masterpiece but a nice choice.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

10th May, 2015
This can be used a clubbing scent in the same spirit as 1 Million, Le Male.
I cannot imagine a mature male using this in an office environment or at church as it would be too cloying.

It's not a BAD smell; it's just overwhelming and ever-present (like Axe).
Maybe it will burn itself out in a year.

I can imagine those under 26 or over 65 wearing this to "make the scene" in a club as they unnecessarily yell into your ear "CAN YOU SMELL MY COLOGNE?".
17th April, 2015
Lasts long. A transparent vanilla/gourmand that feels better than Rochas Man (which I do like, sans chocolate notes). Three sprays lasts all day for an American warm spring day. It does feels "messy" however it makes me keep smelling it to figure out what's going on with it. Several people have complimented positively on it.
15th April, 2015
If this was a song, Nick Jonas would be singing it. It's not challenging, it's not complex, it's extremely sweet, and it seems like teenage girls would like it. It's not a work of art but if you're looking for a loud, "clubby" scent this is a strong contender. I compared this to Spicebomb, 1 Million, and Pure Malt and chose this.
09th April, 2015
10 minutes after spraying this on, it wasn't hard to determine Eros' target market....15 to 20 yr olds, looking for attention. This mess will compete with the worst of scents in any tight room. If that's your need, knock yourself out...

Truly awful stuff.
20th March, 2015
Eros is another uninspiring release from the house of Versace. It opens up with citrus-fruity accord and smells good for the first few minutes. But then the tonka bean, vanilla and other notes set in, leading to a gourmandish mess. It is in the same ballpark as modern clubbing fragrances such as Le Male and 1 Million. In this particular olfactory niche the bar for being a decent composition is rather low, but this one still misses the mark.

The bottle looks good, the cap outright tacky.
10th March, 2015
Eros opens with a fresh and minty accord (apple, mint, citrus) surrounded by the usual metallic-ozonic notes, however supported by a pleasant and slightly less predictable (for this type of scent) base of warm, rich, aromatic spicy-woody notes (tonka and cedar above all), sweet and quite “round”, perhaps due to tobacco and/or patchouli dusted with vanilla - the “uncommon” side is that these notes smell actually good and solid, more than the average in mainstream scents. I smell a couple of “niche” nuances here, for example the ambroxan note which provides a “modern” feel of dusty grayness (quite reinforced by aldehydes) – not far from several niche products of the recent years. Also, another “niche” factor to me is some of the contrasts this scent is built on – the tart-mint head opening and the almost gourmandish base, which is quite sweet, warm and resinous, and smoky too. Overall it smells safe and crowdpleasing, but if pay attention and smell it more carefully, it’s not as common as it may seem. And it’s definitely decent. Plus, Eros has also an unexpectedly nice evolution too: instead or remaining identical and just getting drier and lighter, it gets softer, warmer, more resinous, actually more pleasant as hours pass, once the sharp metallic-zesty opening fades away. I’m wearing it since a couple of hours, and now is remarkably better than before. Nothing great and nothing new, but not bad and not (too much) boring.

14th December, 2014
I'm a sophomore at Notre Dame and have had my female friends judge twenty-some fragrances at this point - this one destroys everything else I have. This one seems too strong and cloying for me but they might not let me live if I don't get a bottle. Curse you, Versace.

I think it's safe to say that this is the vanilla One Million. Projects and lasts like a monster, obnoxious beyond belief, and is a 20-something girl magnet. It'll be a sad day when I'm officially too old to wear this life-hacking cologne.
25th November, 2014
The fragrance may be a kind of trash - but it is a trash that works! Thumbs up for longevity! Best of all I owned so far, outperforming A*Man and 1 million. Got it as a pack or perfume/deodorant and deodorant longevity is also very good.
A perfect working man fragrance.
The only drawback is deodorant being supplied in exactly the same glass bottle as EDT so you have to check what are you putting on. I'd like to have a deodorant in a convenient metal case.
16th October, 2014
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So much bandwagon hate on this one. Is it just the name "Versace" that turns you off from this fragrance? I love this one, it projects and LASTS! However, I believe it was recently reformulated, and wasn't as good as the "vintage" juice.
15th October, 2014
Welcome to the factory of vanilla powder. Pure trash.
02nd August, 2014
A better version of Chanel Allure Extreme. It has more of everything and doesn't pretend to be a flanker of a flanker of blah..blah..blah. There's a little more of everything and but ultimately it's a loud and pretty obnoxious fragrance. Fits right along side of 1 Million as a clubbing or attention fragrance, but does it with a bit more of a synthetic quality. This is sweet, but from the reviews I was expecting along the lines of cotton candy sweet which it isn't. No bad really, but it's an acquired taste.
24th July, 2014
I've tried this one from a sample for the last week, on and off. It's exactly what you'd expect from a mass market brand - utterly bland, designed to be characterless so as to offend as few people as possible and thereby to appeal to the widest market. It's "nice", up to a point, but it's also instantly forgettable. It doesn't create a mood or enhance one's spirit, it doesn't intrigue or elevate. It just sits there being polite.

Give me something with distinction any day.

07th July, 2014
Don't like it. It kind of gives me a headache.
26th May, 2014
If you're looking for something revolutionary, this isn't the fragrance for you.

While it's fine to look for something super complex, I don't think its fair to over look what can be a nice scent because it isn't the exact fragrance in your #1 wishlist.

With that said, lets get into the details. When I spray this I get a citrus (lemon not orange), floral scent with smooth traits. It has some sweetness but it isn't a sugar pit, as time goes on it gets more smooth with a dry down of tonka/vanilla. It still holds to some floral/fruity mix and you can get the cedar in there some what (although I don't know the difference between virginian and atlas cedar).

The best way I can convey this scent is there's this jar of lemonade sitting in a window sill on a breezy day. There's some herbs floating in the liquid, a flower or two floating at the top, with an overall herbal trait to it, including some mint. The wind blows and you can smell a sweet blend of the sugar mint in the lemonade mixing with near by grassy flowers by this log cabin house.

I give it a 8.5 out of 10, if you have a few vanilla fragrances, or you dislike tonka etc. you probably shouldn't go with this one, but it's definitely worth giving it a couple of wears before ultimately deciding. Everybody that has smelled it on me so far has loved it. The projection is below average (my skin tends to do this to fragrances) but it lasts a good while on me (surprisingly). So this is closer to the skin most likely. Enjoy.
18th May, 2014
The usual tiresome, sweet, fruity, synthetic, charmless, obnoxious, loud dreck.
15th April, 2014
Too sweet, can't imagine smelling this on a man...
12th March, 2014
I really like this fragrance. It starts off sweet, but that quickly settles to a really nice and subtle clean scent. My girlfriend loves this. I received this as part of a gift box, and when layered with the after shave and shower gel, it really comes into its own. The cologne on its own without the layers might lack a little projection.
08th March, 2014
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United Kingdom
The bottle is a masterpiece, but it goes downhill from there.

I was expecting a quality masculine aquatic but this is sweet, sickly perfume in the style of 1 Million. Avoid if you are over 18.
23rd January, 2014
I've avoided this for a long time; all the while knowing it smelled good. I was finally talked into giving this a go. I'm generally not a fan of tonka, but its nicely done in this application. This is a perfume for garnering sex appeal. Though I feel YSL L'Homme is a tad less synthetic, I prefer Eros over it and One Million. There are a lot of negative reviews, but so far I like it and will wear a few times hoping that I retain the same feeling about it. Always remember to explore for yourself and let your nose be the guide.
16th January, 2014
versace eros is one of the better expensive colognes out there I have worn. sweet smelling fragrance that last for hours. you feel elegant wearing this. a good companion to armani code. if you want more masculine colognes your best to stick with those classic drugstore brands. seems every famous clothes designer got into the cologne and perfume business from dior to laurent to versace to armani to valentino etc.
06th January, 2014
I didn't expect much when I blind bought Eros

a pleasant surprise - the bottle and packaging is a stunner; but the scent is even more intriguing. Granted it's not something that you would say 'masterpiece' or something similar - but it do smelt good. Eros is a good blend of vanilla and tonka with addition of mint; it would remind you of any sweet scent because it IS sweet, but doesn't mean that any scent smelt like 1 Million.

Eros smelt odd even for sweet fragrance; initially I felt disturbed by Eros scent but lately I found that Eros have moderate to good projection (which mean less offensive for most people) and great longevity (it stays in skin for 8 hours - a record for me!) definitely better than Versace Pour Homme

All in all; a good fragrance if you want something for close-counter fragrance in club, it smelt nice and draws compliment especially in the drydown
27th December, 2013
I have to say I agree with all the reviews here, good and bad. I just received a gift set of Eros for my birthday, so I now own across two bottles, approximately 5 ounces of the stuff. There was no return receipt, because I would gladly exchange this for something I love. But you know what? It's growing on me...I'm kind of craving it in that way you do some scents. Like you need a fix. Hold on, I'll be right back...
I just sprayed some on. It goes on like a supersonic candy shop; but that quickly dies down and the more subtle, grown up cedar notes make their presence known mixed in with a touch of vetivery-lemony sub-sub notes. It is quite a bit like Rabanne's 1 Million (which I think is just Tenere with some added ingredients) but I like it much better. I thought 1 Million was one of the most perplexingly overrated scents of the last few years and I love Senor Rabanne.
Versace's Eros also has a strange sour undernote which I quite like. Clearly this was a slapped together, by committee, as AndrewtheCologneGuy said "...a combination of the last 3 or 4 top selling of the last decade" scents. But they got it right. Or they got lucky. Or we did.
27th December, 2013
To be fair, Eros isn't as bad as I expected. I assumed from the blue bottle that it would be just another "bleu" Windex aquatic. Don't get me wrong - it IS a Windex aquatic, but the harsh chemical smell is tempered with mint and lavender and paired up with a sour-milk caramelized marshmallow smell instead of the ubiquitous grape drank or fake citrus that scents like this usually use.

That being said, I haven't really liked Eros. It's REALLY obvious that this was some marketing team's attempt to make something that smells like One Million and, even if it were more unique, I just don't like that sharp Windex chemical smell, and I dislike it even more when awkwardly paired with Angel-esque super-sweet notes. Oh well, more for the youngsters...
13th December, 2013
I think the reviews here are a little harsh. It's not a bad fragrance, it's just Italian in the way it presents itself. It's kinda loud and brash. And yes it is unappologetically synthetic. The top (cold metallic) mid (warm gourmandish) and base (woody-gourmand) notes present themselves all at once, like a rich guy trying to show of his car collection by having his friends drive all the cars in a convoy with him.

While a bit over the top, I find this to resemble Versaces for men of the Gianni era, minus the use of natural ingredients. However, it is clear that Donatella and crew are struggling here. This smells like a combination of the top 3 or 4 selling frags over the last half decade (a little YSL L'Homme, some Mugler of various variety, V&R's Spicebomb etc...)

I would actually wear this, because it has its place: when you need to assert yourself in a sea of fragrances.
18th November, 2013 (last edited: 06th December, 2013)
Dont listen to the old fogey basenoters' reviews.

Good juice, girls love it. Versace needed a vanilla based scent release as they've become awash with wimpy aquatics in they're lineup. This would be a great alternative to Le Male, Fuel for Life, or 1 Million.

Pros: Playful, modern, longevity, projection.
Cons: Not for the over 30 crowd."

20th September, 2013