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Reviews of Eros by Versace

Total Reviews: 64
This is rather remarkable, need to use in small amounts but the essence is inescapable. I use it when walking out and about. Hit a single spray of Le Male with it, very nice indeed.
22nd February, 2018
Versace Eros

Well not much I can say about this one.

Pleasant smell, fresh... People pleaser.
Not to complex. Dries down from Minty Apple... To a nice Vanilla base sweet Tonka base.

Overall Scent 5-10
Longevity 5-10
Sillage 5-10

Around 8hrs with good 2hr progection
13th February, 2018
Cool, minty and sweet. Also, a strong performer that gets noticed. Very similar to LeMale Eau Fraiche (Superman/Popeye). Ladies do like this and it seems suited for a younger crowd but if it makes you feel good, wear it.

The performance is so good that this can become cloying if over-sprayed. Projects and lasts all day with the best projection coming in the first 4-5 hours.
08th February, 2018 (last edited: 10th February, 2018)
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This cologne is bomb af. The longevity of it is insane. It will start out smelling like fresh apple and lemon, then periodically it will smell like sweet vanilla.
25th December, 2017
A new take on Versace Homme, which is fine with me. Makes it a little more creamier. A true hit.
01st December, 2017
YSL La nuit de l'homme brother from Italy.

Excessively sweet and deeply unnecessary.

09th October, 2017
I think this one is given a hard time unfairly so.

It is what it is. It's no masterpiece. But what it does offer is a freshness, Great projection/longevity & a lovely mint/vanilla combo. Great for clubs and bars. If you don't take yourself too seriously then you will/can learn to like it!!!
29th September, 2017 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)
Boy oh boy where do I start. So I was interested in Versace, because of all of the positive reviews, just like Bleu. Big mistake.
Eros, is very sharp and harsh and syntheticly sweet. It gives me a headache, and it is just too much.
Unless you are in a club, where pretty much ANYTHING smells good, this is not pleasant.
There is Strong lemon and some VERY synthetic smell underneath that is headache inducng. Thank God I just bought samples, I will be happy to give them away to guys I know that go clubbing.
07th August, 2017
I bought this fragrance as a clubbing/night out scent. I find this to be a projection beast that cuts through other fragrances in the area. If you want to stand out this is the right fragrance.

In the opening I can smell a lot of apple and mint with hints of the vanilla. The midnotes tend to lean more toward the vanilla and apple. The base is a warm sweet vanilla.

This is not a very flexible fragrance and can really only be used for nights out. Overall I love this fragrance and would give it a 9/10
23rd July, 2017 (last edited: 30th December, 2017)
Versace Eros is a masterful fragrance and a must have alongside other Versace fragrances such as ‘Dylan Blue’, ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Versace Pour Homme’. I am reviewing a new bottle of the EDT version which has been reformulated, not the Eau de Parfum concentration.

The initial blast is vanilla, tonka bean, mint, and sweet fruit over a base of vetiver and woods. I don't get any lemon or flowery notes. It smells natural, high quality and projects extremely well. If you're not a fan of vanilla, mint or tonka bean, you will not like this fragrance. If you are, then this is a great scent you’ll instantly love. Women absolutely love this scent and go crazy for it.

The middle and base are pure vetiver and cedarwoods, with the ever present vanilla and sweet notes. With a liberal application of ten sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists), I am getting about 10-12+ hours of longevity with great projection and sillage within in the first six to eight hours. Then its a subtle but ever present scent for another four to six hours. It stays on clothes and fabric for at several days up to a week or two depending on the application.

There is certainly no beast performance or nuclear sillage here anymore thanks to reformulation, so I am guessing people here are recently reviewing the EDP version or vintage bottles which last quite a bit longer and perform even better. But make no mistake, even the reformulated version has very good performance.

This smells very similar to Jacques Bogart's 'Bogart Pour Homme', which I also own but has slightly better performance and costs half the price of this. It also reminds me of JPG's 'Le Male’.

I will likely add the EDP concentration to my collection, plus a large 200ml vintage bottle of this. Its definitely more for nightlife and clubbing situations, very youthful and sexy in that sense and gets TONS of compliments. I would likely only use it in these type of situations. Women seem to love it so whatever works. High recommended.
04th June, 2017 (last edited: 06th May, 2018)
Nuclear, nuclear silage and just monster projection! It does smell nice but wow, please go easy on the trigger with this one - it's aggressive!

One spray under the shirt is absolutely plenty, this stuff is dangerous to apply on exposed skin.

I bought this because I needed a clubbing fragrance (I go clubbing once a year but that's beside the point..) and this fragrance seemed to fit the bill.

It smells exactly like the pyramid describes - goes on strong with lemon (bitter oil type), then the mint comes to party, closely followed by crisp apple and then huge tonka and vanilla for the dry down.

The real star of the show, the note that comes out screaming and never stops is the massive top chemical note. I don't know the correct name for it but wow, it's here in extreme amounts - it dominates everything and just never gives up. I heard this chemical is used to stop nose blindness. It's so strong and powerful I can actually feel the chemical on my nose...I'm not joking!

Go easy on the trigger and this bottle will last you several lifetimes.


I've been wearing it for a few days now and I now have completely changed my mind on it. I love it. It's not an aventus masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. It is on the other hand, a perfect work fragrance. Just 1 spray under the shirt and it lasts all day - I'm not joking, it's still there and just as strong 12 hours later!! The chemical they use in it stops you getting nose blind and it gives off a nice 3 foot smell radius around you. It's very inoffensive and it never gets cloying.

Highly recommended and it's jumped into my top 5 favs.
30th May, 2017 (last edited: 09th June, 2017)
I will start this off by saying that vanilla is not one of my favorite notes, however, I like it in certain situations (JPG Le Male, for instance). This is nothing but uber sweet synthetic vanilla and mint. If you like super super sweet scents, you will like this. I'm not sure I understand the hype around this, though. It seems like it attempts to do what Le Male does, but it doesn't quite achieve that euphoric mix. I've tried wearing this several times and it's super cloying. I can't imagine this working in the super hot humid southern US summers. Like I said, if you enjoy sweet vanilla you will probably like this, but I would definitely recommend trying it before you buy it.
24th April, 2017
so far, this stuff is amazing, i wasnt to sure of it when i first smelled it out of the bottle... but after trying it on, it was amazing.

im using a sample from scent bird, but id like to get a regular size bottle.
26th February, 2017
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First of all, women love this. I'm gay, so that's not a big draw for me, but it is for many others. (It's androgynous enough that I'd recommend it for nonbinary people or butch-spec women looking for their first cologne.)

This is a predominantly sweet fragrance. Personally I find it clean rather than cloying, thanks to the apple. I absolutely love the opening--it dries well, but nothing can compare to the head. It does noticeably change in tone when it dries, going from cool-bright to warm and creamy, but the mint lingers longer than you'd think and is amazing with the tonka bean. When it gets to the base, the cedar grounds the vanilla delightfully. Overall, it stays interesting and layered throughout. It's complex, but still accessible.

This scent definitely has personality, so it's not for everyone. There's something glamorous and elegant about it. If you don't want a cologne that "says something," then you don't want Eros. And even if you do want a cologne that "says something," you might not like what Eros is saying. This is one I'd advise against blind buying unless you're 1) a big fan of sweet scents or 2) a bottle collector.
17th February, 2017
I got this on a blind buy because the bottle is cool. Not a good idea to do, but I got lucky and am pleased with it.

This is a beast. One squirt will last you all day, and people can smell you before they see you if you're not careful on the trigger. I'd recommend spraying it on your chest under your shirt, otherwise you'll cause migraines.

Onto the scent. The first thing I smell is mint. It smells just like if you held mint leaves up to your nose. Apple and lemon is supposed to be in the opening, but I don't smell them.

It usually dries down between half or two hours. The vanilla is really rich, and the mint hangs around a bit. I'm tempted to refer to this as a classier version of Axe Dark Temptation. It can cover about the same situations as axe as well. I would definitely call this a "party" fragrance, and you could also use it for romantic situations if you don't overdo it.

This isn't a very flexible fragrance, but it can cover those two situations quite well. I'd give it an 8/10.
27th September, 2016
Double Plus Good!!!

Everything that Drakkar Essence should have been.
17th August, 2016
Great fresh opening of random mint..clean Apple.. Settles into a vanilla/filthy strange sex smell mid section then twenty minutes later relaxes in a medley of Tonka top notes reverse. Not an overly dominant vanilla either just a nice creamy finish to a crazy concoction, continuous dry down of creamy vanilla crazy mint ever so slightly bubble gum? Projects fantastically.. so go easy.. Reacts to body heat so gets another life in a gym or club.. Overall an excellent all rounder. Quite oily on the skin hence the projection and sillage. *Update* I really am growing to like this more and more for it's honesty and versace core philosophy of camp class :s. Overall tho this is the best idiotic night out scent there is .
18th June, 2016 (last edited: 19th July, 2017)
I can't seem to get past the fluoride mouthwash vibe from the synthetic mint aroma molecule. I've heard others say Eros gives them a headache but this has not been my experience. Versace Eros is a good sweet, creamy vanilla fragrance however I do not find it designer quality. Good performance, but definitely not worth the price. I would wait for it to show up at discounters if you really feel the need to add this to your collection. The quality is not there. If you want sweet and creamy without the mint, you can purchase CK Reveal Men or Mont Blanc Individuel for around $20.
31st May, 2016
I made the mistake of spraying this on myself while browsing through Macey's. Ugh...I had to continue walking through the mall with my wife while the stench of this stuff clung to me like a bad nightmare. I got nauseated within about 40 minutes and by the time we left the mall, I was almost ready to beg for someone to turn a fire hose on me. It is far too strong and cloying in a very bad way. The only positive is that the bottle looks very cool. Eros means romantic love, but the name of this scent to me would have to be "Miso", which of course would be Greek for "hate". Big thumbs down...
22nd March, 2016 (last edited: 23rd March, 2016)
If the metallic notes weren't so pervasive, this would be more wearable. There's quite a bit going on, but the more warm, subtle pieces seem to get lost on me. Would be ok for a club or date night, but then so would most any cheaper, generic fragrance. The base notes are nice, but by the time I get there, I've had enough. Too strong for my taste.
01st February, 2016
Not very creative! but I appreciated that in the sample I received there was the olfactive pyramid explained and the olfactive family quoted. A good way to inform and disseminate the culture of perfumes.
21st November, 2015
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
I actually really enjoy this. Quick story on it....went into the only place I have locally that sells fragrance(a small Macy's)back in early 2013. And basically went around sampling everything I hadn't got my nose on yet...and honestly, this was the only frag that caught my attention out of everything I sniffed.

I know when this scent came out it got a lot of hate....but I see people starting to come around on it. I kind of understand why some don't like it, since its nuclear strength and mostly just apple, mint over a dominant vanilla/ambroxan overload. But I can't help it, it holds a special place in my collection. I will say this is one scent that after I wear it, I'm good for awhile before I rock it again. So my 100ml bottle with probably last me several lifetimes;) I find it to be a good compliment getter for me as well.
12th November, 2015
Smells nice! I'm surprised this has so many negative reviews as it's not much more than a sweet, pleasant scent with a smooth synthetic mint note up top and a healthy heart of vanilla and ambroxan. It dries down to a vague and sweet woody base. While it's certainly not unusual or complex, Eros doesn't feel cheap or poorly composed either. Within its genre, Eros works well. Projection is good, though I think reports of Eros' nuclear strength are exagerrated. It has a medium range projection on me, and lasts for about 8 hours. Think along the lines of a more reserved One Million, Invictus, Le Male, etc. Easy to wear to work and casual social events, Eros offers a quieter mint alternative to the sweet and ubiquitous woody-amber colognes. Thumbs up.
29th October, 2015

I am not a big fan of VERSACE fragrances but truly this one is really nice,much better than Versache PH and Eau Fraiche for me.I love this scent it says:Eat me!surprisingly pleasant and other words Modern,Sweet,Aromatic, Interesting and Charming.

Aromatic freshness of green apple,lemon and mint Precede a cute and charming hert of granium and tonka bean,this notes are wrapped in low notes of manly woods and rich cedar with a tender touch of vanilla that result is like a hug from a loved one that soothes throughout the anothers VERSACE fragrances the opening is so better than dry down.

This EDT is positively delicious smelling the sexiness is blended with a beautiful,playful casual hair. EROS created after a young and free-spirited modern muse.It makes you feel fun,fantacy,young and flirty.Nothing a masterpiece but a nice choice.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

10th May, 2015
This can be used a clubbing scent in the same spirit as 1 Million, Le Male.
I cannot imagine a mature male using this in an office environment or at church as it would be too cloying.

It's not a BAD smell; it's just overwhelming and ever-present (like Axe).
Maybe it will burn itself out in a year.

I can imagine those under 26 or over 65 wearing this to "make the scene" in a club as they unnecessarily yell into your ear "CAN YOU SMELL MY COLOGNE?".
17th April, 2015
Lasts long. A transparent vanilla/gourmand that feels better than Rochas Man (which I do like, sans chocolate notes). Three sprays lasts all day for an American warm spring day. It does feels "messy" however it makes me keep smelling it to figure out what's going on with it. Several people have complimented positively on it.
15th April, 2015
If this was a song, Nick Jonas would be singing it. It's not challenging, it's not complex, it's extremely sweet, and it seems like teenage girls would like it. It's not a work of art but if you're looking for a loud, "clubby" scent this is a strong contender. I compared this to Spicebomb, 1 Million, and Pure Malt and chose this.
09th April, 2015
10 minutes after spraying this on, it wasn't hard to determine Eros' target market....15 to 20 yr olds, looking for attention. This mess will compete with the worst of scents in any tight room. If that's your need, knock yourself out...

Truly awful stuff.
20th March, 2015
Eros is another uninspiring release from the house of Versace. It opens up with citrus-fruity accord and smells good for the first few minutes. But then the tonka bean, vanilla and other notes set in, leading to a gourmandish mess. It is in the same ballpark as modern clubbing fragrances such as Le Male and 1 Million. In this particular olfactory niche the bar for being a decent composition is rather low, but this one still misses the mark.

The bottle looks good, the cap outright tacky.
10th March, 2015
Eros opens with a fresh and minty accord (apple, mint, citrus) surrounded by the usual metallic-ozonic notes, however supported by a pleasant and slightly less predictable (for this type of scent) base of warm, rich, aromatic spicy-woody notes (tonka and cedar above all), sweet and quite “round”, perhaps due to tobacco and/or patchouli dusted with vanilla - the “uncommon” side is that these notes smell actually good and solid, more than the average in mainstream scents. I smell a couple of “niche” nuances here, for example the ambroxan note which provides a “modern” feel of dusty grayness (quite reinforced by aldehydes) – not far from several niche products of the recent years. Also, another “niche” factor to me is some of the contrasts this scent is built on – the tart-mint head opening and the almost gourmandish base, which is quite sweet, warm and resinous, and smoky too. Overall it smells safe and crowdpleasing, but if pay attention and smell it more carefully, it’s not as common as it may seem. And it’s definitely decent. Plus, Eros has also an unexpectedly nice evolution too: instead or remaining identical and just getting drier and lighter, it gets softer, warmer, more resinous, actually more pleasant as hours pass, once the sharp metallic-zesty opening fades away. I’m wearing it since a couple of hours, and now is remarkably better than before. Nothing great and nothing new, but not bad and not (too much) boring.

14th December, 2014