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Neutral Reviews of Eros by Versace

Total Reviews: 9
Versace Eros

Well not much I can say about this one.

Pleasant smell, fresh... People pleaser.
Not to complex. Dries down from Minty Apple... To a nice Vanilla base sweet Tonka base.

Overall Scent 5-10
Longevity 5-10
Sillage 5-10

Around 8hrs with good 2hr progection
13th February, 2018
I can't seem to get past the fluoride mouthwash vibe from the synthetic mint aroma molecule. I've heard others say Eros gives them a headache but this has not been my experience. Versace Eros is a good sweet, creamy vanilla fragrance however I do not find it designer quality. Good performance, but definitely not worth the price. I would wait for it to show up at discounters if you really feel the need to add this to your collection. The quality is not there. If you want sweet and creamy without the mint, you can purchase CK Reveal Men or Mont Blanc Individuel for around $20.
31st May, 2016
If the metallic notes weren't so pervasive, this would be more wearable. There's quite a bit going on, but the more warm, subtle pieces seem to get lost on me. Would be ok for a club or date night, but then so would most any cheaper, generic fragrance. The base notes are nice, but by the time I get there, I've had enough. Too strong for my taste.
01st February, 2016
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Eros opens with a fresh and minty accord (apple, mint, citrus) surrounded by the usual metallic-ozonic notes, however supported by a pleasant and slightly less predictable (for this type of scent) base of warm, rich, aromatic spicy-woody notes (tonka and cedar above all), sweet and quite “round”, perhaps due to tobacco and/or patchouli dusted with vanilla - the “uncommon” side is that these notes smell actually good and solid, more than the average in mainstream scents. I smell a couple of “niche” nuances here, for example the ambroxan note which provides a “modern” feel of dusty grayness (quite reinforced by aldehydes) – not far from several niche products of the recent years. Also, another “niche” factor to me is some of the contrasts this scent is built on – the tart-mint head opening and the almost gourmandish base, which is quite sweet, warm and resinous, and smoky too. Overall it smells safe and crowdpleasing, but if pay attention and smell it more carefully, it’s not as common as it may seem. And it’s definitely decent. Plus, Eros has also an unexpectedly nice evolution too: instead or remaining identical and just getting drier and lighter, it gets softer, warmer, more resinous, actually more pleasant as hours pass, once the sharp metallic-zesty opening fades away. I’m wearing it since a couple of hours, and now is remarkably better than before. Nothing great and nothing new, but not bad and not (too much) boring.

14th December, 2014
A better version of Chanel Allure Extreme. It has more of everything and doesn't pretend to be a flanker of a flanker of blah..blah..blah. There's a little more of everything and but ultimately it's a loud and pretty obnoxious fragrance. Fits right along side of 1 Million as a clubbing or attention fragrance, but does it with a bit more of a synthetic quality. This is sweet, but from the reviews I was expecting along the lines of cotton candy sweet which it isn't. No bad really, but it's an acquired taste.
24th July, 2014
Too sweet, can't imagine smelling this on a man...
12th March, 2014
I didn't expect much when I blind bought Eros

a pleasant surprise - the bottle and packaging is a stunner; but the scent is even more intriguing. Granted it's not something that you would say 'masterpiece' or something similar - but it do smelt good. Eros is a good blend of vanilla and tonka with addition of mint; it would remind you of any sweet scent because it IS sweet, but doesn't mean that any scent smelt like 1 Million.

Eros smelt odd even for sweet fragrance; initially I felt disturbed by Eros scent but lately I found that Eros have moderate to good projection (which mean less offensive for most people) and great longevity (it stays in skin for 8 hours - a record for me!) definitely better than Versace Pour Homme

All in all; a good fragrance if you want something for close-counter fragrance in club, it smelt nice and draws compliment especially in the drydown
27th December, 2013

It's by no means a memorable scent, or anything we will be talking about next year, but it is a decent fragrance that is ever so slightly better than your average cologne.  It's floral with sweetness and some mint, making it a little bit similar to 1 Million and Chanel Allure Homme.  If I were given a bottle as a gift, I would wear it on occasion, but I am not compelled to buy a bottle.


If your tastes aren't discriminating and you like to collect a lot of bottles, and you don't mind having bottles which are good (but not great), try Eros.  Everyone else, try Eros, but try other better fragrances out first.  


It's good.  Just nothing more.

18th May, 2013
I find this cologne juvenile. I bouight it for myself based on the top notes, which I found to be sweet and likeable, and my short sampling time at Macy's. But ended up giving it to my son.

I was looking for something I could wear casually as I have many formal and high-end fragrances (one does not always want to waste sprays of high-end Creed, Dior, Surge Lutens, or Chanel fragrance to wear around the house or go to the shopping mall). I thought it was good for what I was looking for but after experiencing its full life-cycle a couple of tmes (from top notes to the evaporation of all its base notes), I realized Eros is just a few nice, but ephimerous, sweet and fruity notes smothered by dosage of low quality vanilla and tonka bean that my nose cannot take for too long.

Eros smells nice on my son, his highschools buddies like it, and the young highschooler girls appreciate it when he goes out with them to the movies, the mall, or the local eateries. For a mature man, it is a pass in my opinion.
25th April, 2013