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Negative Reviews of Ginger Zest de Citron by PK Perfumes

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This one does not work for me at all!
I had hoped it would either be Ginger Zest // de Citron or Ginger // Zest de Citron. Either would have been fine.
However, I find that the admirable list of citrus notes barely registers.
I don't see "ginger" listed as a note. Rather, there is "curry spices." This is the great problem for me, because what I get is not ginger but turmeric and a veritable ton of it. After a while, that turmeric-curry note utterly dominates and gets tiresome.
Briefly, at the beginning, the scent was OK and even intriguing. The florals were pleasant and not too sweet. I got hints of leather and a kind of medicinal note.
But, as I said, the curry note on my skin just dominated and made the scent unwearable.
01st December, 2014