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Amber with cloves, vanilla and road tar.

Not quite as persistent on my skin as I expected, given the nature of the first sniff, but long-lasting enough for me.

Not nearly as polite and well-mannered as Ambre 114, or Ambre Sultan, but darker and more edgy, and more along the line of Slumberhouse things. And "modern" in the somewhat-challenging sense of contemporary perfumery.
23rd January, 2019
Between Two Worlds by denis forkas 2016
16th November, 2018
Both thumbs up high in the sky for this one!
Leathery, smokey, animalic amber: castoreum, oud and a hint of spicy orange, all smoothed out by vanilla and labdanum, sweetening as it dries down. Projection and sillage are perfect for the type of scent it is - you've got to get reasonably close, but when you're gonna want to get *much* closer. Longevity is incredible. I've found it really addictive - it's given Queen Shalimar a run for her money this winter. It's warming, sexy, enveloping, sexy, comforting, sexy, distinctive, (did I mention sexy?!) and 100% unisex.
My panties drop every time I sniff my own wrist.
16th February, 2018
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From a little-known house, this is one of my absolute favorites. Much better that most ambers that are twice the price. Glad I stumbled upon this gem. Kudos, Rania!
07th May, 2017
Well I found this to be quite the wild fragrance with a lot going on scent wise. I get amber and vanilla with spices and a strong cedar and woodsy notes. The fragrance is very resinous and spicy, the oud seems to play hide and seek but when it reveals itself its like a ray of sunshine peeking out from the clouds. It adds a fresh and almost mystical like scent within the sweet spicy balsamic fragrance and then its gone to hide within the other notes.

Now when I say this scent is wild its my way in trying to describe all the notes coming at you all at once. You get a constant shifting impressions from the amber vanilla to the spicy woods. I have to say its a very interesting multi-layered fragrance and one that will keep you smelling yourself to see what you will smell next.

A big thumbs up from me on this scent. A very resinous spicy woody vanilla amber with hidden facets of oud. I like it.
21st April, 2016
A deep amber and castoreum gem with spices and a kicking ass oud. Started off kind of light and amberous on the initial sprays (2). About 30 minutes later, that oud I mentioned kicked in with an attitude (not a bad thing at all). Animalistic fragrances that would be perfect for fall and winter. Very nice!
24th March, 2015 (last edited: 28th October, 2015)
Ambre Loup is clearly the frontrunner of Rania J’s first set of releases, a grown up amber that is warm, friendly and instantly put me at my ease. This is amber how I like it, strong on the resins, minus the syrup, with the depth that vanilla and woods can give, and a lovely evocation of just-out-of-the-shop-new leather. A suggestion of oud in the mix at the start is another inviting touch but by no means the main event.
The medium projection is a plus, avoiding the suffocating tendency some ambers develop. A knock your socks off masterpiece this ain’t, but then those don’t come by too often.
14th November, 2014
Ambre Loup is a warm, resinous and musky amber that doesn’t reinvent the oriental wheel, but it does a fine job of taking care of the basics.

This is an immense, thick amber—structured upon materials that lend themselves well to hard-hitting compositions. What stands out upfront is a hefty Peru balsam that delivers a semi-gourmand effect that’s countered by what initially appear to be somewhat challenging facets: a pungent oud; a musk that smells a little like castoreum; and some strong, spicy notes. At the outset, the cedar and guaiac aren’t that clear, and the labdanum that really forms the body of the whole thing sits patiently behind the foodier parts, playing more of a structural role than a featured note itself. Vanilla glazes the whole thing, but it isn’t overly sweet per se. It seems to function more by filling in any empty spaces left behind by the other components. The overall feel is a slightly cinnamon-like resinous amber—not too far removed from the dry down of Ambre Sultan.

Ambre Loup is a tad too foody for my own tastes; the balsam and the spices make it lean far more toward the edible than the sappy or liturgical. Yet it manages to sidestep the standard oriental cliches that veer powdery or saccharine and the result is a fairly straightforward but accomplished amber. This would work well in colder weather as it does have a distinctly warming effect to it. And, given that the materials involved have the capacity become cloying, the scent manages to maintain a nice balance between congestion and movement. It won’t choke you out as with other ambers, but you’ll certainly know that you’re wearing it.

However, it lasts far too long. There are some synthetic basenotes here that are very exceptionally well done (in that they don’t feel overly synthetic), but it’s the latter half of Ambre Loup feels like it was built to last until next week. The natural materials used in this scent certainly lend themselves well to a long lifespan, but this was still going strong 12 hour later on me—and that’s perhaps a tad too much.

So, if you’re a fan of the genre or you’re simply looking for a warm, all-business amber, this is a great option. Although it’s not that characteristic unto itself, it does differs from some of the more commonly heralded options just enough to make it a worthwhile candidate for anyone exploring the the overcrowded world of resinous orientals.
17th October, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Amber, amber, amber galore; a smooth, soft, delightful amber in medias res from the beginning without detour. Very well balanced, with smoky woods added in the drydown. Never really dark, never really sweet, without any harsh edges. Good silage and projection, with very good longevity of seven hours. A great autumnal leather composition. 4.5/5
08th January, 2014
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United Kingdom
I'm not a fan of many amber scents but this one is very good. It's not hyper-sweet, which is my usual objection. It has a delicious leathery animalism, I think provided by labdanum. Guiac wood adds a smoky, slightly rubbery facet. Overall it's very warm and has a long-lived velvety, caramel-tinged base. Imagine Ambre Russe, minus the boozy notes and you won't be too far off.
30th October, 2013