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Positive Reviews of Couture La La by Juicy Couture

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This is a very light, delicate fruity-floral perfume that is mainly a blend of lily-of-the-valley and orange blossom, and that's mainly what it smells like. It's also another one of those perfumes that smells like a very "watery" floral scent.
It smells pretty, but it's honestly a little bit too light for my taste, and doesn't excite me very much. I also think it smells a bit too much like a "functional scent." Or, something that might be nice as a hand washing soap or body wash, or a lotion scent. But, as a perfume, it seems a bit over-priced! Probably many women and young girls will love it though, since it is so light and fresh. And also because it's a scent that is appropriate for every day wear and is relatively non-offensive! :) So, for those reasons I'm giving it a thumbs up and recommending it. I probably won't be making it my signature scent though! And, as far as lily-of-the-valley and orange blossom scents go, I've also found ones that I like a lot more.
29th October, 2015