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Positive Reviews of Baume Tolu by Esteban

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Well since there's no reviews, I guess my two cents may serve some future readers. Baume Tolu is an uncomplicated, surprisingly nice sort of mellow and smooth Oriental blend of zesty, piquant and fruity tea-ish notes - this including mandarin as well - laced with an accord of marigold (sort of a juicy, syrupy-floral-resinous smell) and a balmy base of nondescript clean woods and vanilla. It may sound sweeter and thicker than it actually is: on the contrary Baume Tolu is rather elegant, almost transparent and definitely discreet (nothing like Lutens, if you were thinking that). This is more a sort of a fresh, lively, sweet fruity tea scent tinted with resinous flowers and infused with some light spices and vanilla. It is very bracing and classy, totally unisex and delightfully friendly and easy to wear. The quality does not seem "top-notch", basically it smells like a sort of higher-end version of L'Erbolario or L'Occitane stuff, but still is quite better than them.

Anyway, once the zesty-fruity top notes tame down and the (light) immortelle note kicks in, Baume Tolu gently evolves towards a very peculiar and very enjoyable sort of silky, round, bright and still inexplicably uplifting woody-resinous blend with a light fruity aftertaste, overall maybe a bit lighter than one may hope and also maybe a bit too flat to keep your attention, but still totally pleasant.

Overall I think it is a bit too light and probably too artificial as well to justify the full retail price; but on the other hand it smells undoubtedly nice and mood-lifting, so if you can get some discount, then grab a bottle for sure!

14th February, 2017