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Neutral Reviews of Eau de Cartier : Zeste de Soleil by Cartier

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A decidedly floral - citrus flanker in the Eau de Cartier series. Notes in this one include passion fruit, yuzu, and mint.

The usual Eau de Cartier vibe is there - the lemony-lime sensation of the yuzu is unmistakably present. The initial spray-on hits with exotic fruitiness, suggesting a tropical sensation. But compared to the other EdC flankers, this one leans more in the feminine direction, IMO, as there is some sort of floral note I detect. Could it be the mint?

Now in early Spring, Zeste de Soleil is proving to be weak in projection and present only with concerted efforts of sniffing it after spraying it on. I found the same issue with the so-called Eau de Cartier EDP; perhaps both of these, inter alia, are meant for warm weather occasions. (I noticed that when I my body temp was really high from a stretch of spring cleaning, the Eau de Cartier EDP application that I was wearing really BLOOMED, and it projected like a monster! Regular, cooler temp occasions = weak sillage and a need to reapply more layers.)

I don't think I'd wear Zeste de Soleil except out of novel curiosity around the house. I can enjoy the Vetiver Bleu, Concentree, and original flankers instead.
01st April, 2017
Smells nice and stays true to the note pyramid but it is a soft fragrance that does not project much if at all. Much like the rest of the Eau de Cartier range which seems to be targeted for those who like to be discrete with their fragrance.
07th January, 2016