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Positive Reviews of Eau de Cartier : Zeste de Soleil by Cartier

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United Kingdom
The opening is clearly dominated by the yuzu/lemon, with a whiff of added spritz.

In the drydown the passion-fruitiness blends with a fresh mint, but over time the fruity note took centre stage and the freshness was replaced by a fruity blanket that was never really egregiously sweet.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

A fresh summery scent not without an original touch but not particular impressive. The performance is not great but it is within expectations of a citrus-based creation. Solid and executed well. 3.25/5.
11th February, 2019
I really love how this smells but it's quite weak and does not last for me at all. It seems like regular Eau de Cartier with a big dose of orange, passionfruit,and yuzu- simply the best hot weather scent around. For me it's the best of the Eau de Cartier line and should be better known.
02nd July, 2016
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The best of the flankers imo and great fun to wear.

A razor whip slash opening of passion fruit, yuzu and sharpened grapefruiit puts you straight into mid July.

Lasts a good while on me -- easy 7 hours -- has an oddly sweetened 'green' drydown rather than the normal woody version.

Great value and highly recommended
07th April, 2014
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A female friend tried it on her skin at a department store while I am on holiday in Mexico. Top-note of grapefruit. On her skin, a distinct guava note. Perhaps I'm influenced by the environment? The scent is at once sweet and tart, almost sticky with the funkiness of tropical fruit which fills a room when left on the counter slightly too long. It invites nuzzling, at once warm, sticky, sweet, and fresh-citric. An interesting cologne, to be sure, with decent longevity.
06th March, 2014