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Positive Reviews of Oud Jaune Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

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Well...a flowery fancy fruit salad scent with a scintilla of oud in the midst!

Fragrance du Bois isn't beholden to a set formula (other than to include its good juju, the exclusive oud oil) when it comes to how its offerings end up smelling. Sure, they use expert perfumerie techniques and exceptional ingredients, but FdB will create what it will.

Oud Jaune, like others in "Shades du Bois" collection, offers an experimental offering exploring various accords; here, it opens with a fresh, lush and exotic flower and fruit splash, proceeding to hit with more flowery goodness (jasmine, orange blossoms and non-descript white flowers). A nice creamy sweet vanilla and musk finish this cocktail.

Would I pay for a full bottle? Not personally. But there are consumers out there who would love this floral-fruity offering from FdB, which smells genuinely beautiful and luxurious. Go decant though, not blind buy!
19th December, 2018
Oud Jaune Intense By Fragrance Du Bois !!!

Oud Jaune is simply one the best Jasmine fragrance with the initial blast of fruity notes aligning with ylang ylang.You need to be a floral lover to appreciate this beauty .I am not able to detect Oud so far but the overall texture is so appealing.!!!!!
22nd September, 2018