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Chemical mess, scent notes clash, something doesn't fit well at all with the tobacco, and the (sort of) raspberry is very synthetic.

Glad I was gifted a sample, which saved me from a(nother) bad blind buy..
02nd December, 2019
Smells noticably like Tuscan Leather. A bit sweeter, more syrupy sweet rasberry. It is loud and lasts at least 24 hours. Probably the longest lasting thing ive tried, edging out Interlude. Had to sell it, just hard to find a time i could wear something so strong. Nice wooden box, presentation was nice.
22nd June, 2019
Utter shite perfume. Smells metallic and also reminds me of a mechanic's shop. If you want to smell like oil and tyre, knock yourself out with this shite. Good thing only got a 5ml sample
05th June, 2019
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United States
This one steers into tobacco territory for me rather than leather. It's an improved, upmarket version (actually, this probably came first) of Karen Low's Cut Cigar, which also is tobacco-centric. Gladly I can say that the vaunted raspberry note is all but absent for me, since I'm not a big fan of sweetness and fruit generally. Frankly this is a bit overpriced right now on ebay but for $45 or so it's a nice fragrance.
28th December, 2018
I don't prefer clones but Tuscan Leather being both very expensive and aggressive for my taste, led me to look for alternatives and this one had much rave going on on the net.

Which turned great all the way.

I recently bought a bottle blindly and have been wearing for a couple of days now.

It is a very, very succesful clone of TL, but also has its own perks. I think the difference could be perceived by TL users.

Anything that led me not to buy TL, is corrected with La Yuqawam.

Much cheaper :)
Not that aggressive
Doesnt have the shoe polish harshness
More raspberry so a tart bit sweeter vibe.

I think I will wear this a lot this Autumn-Winter
22nd August, 2018
Bold, bitter, suede-like leather with a family resemblance to the likes of Tuscan Leather and Aoud Leather, but to be found cheaper than both. Has a hefty glug of artemisia which is always a good thing in my book. Wears cool in the heat, despite its unapologetic character. Pretty linear, so one really needs to be in the mood for leather before pressing the sprayer.
03rd August, 2018
Bought a bottle on Amazon from Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Authorised Distributors.

The juice opens with a BLAST of super-strong leather that has been over-treated with chemicals against dying-out. Pungent. Artificial. It also offers something that resembles raspberry flavoured soft drinks.

At this point I get my life's worst sinus headache. Something I have not experienced with any fragrances ever.

To me this is not a fragrance, but toxin.
19th March, 2018
Tops marks for Sillage, projection & longevity. The fragrance itself is just wonderful!! Probably the best clone currently on the market. For those that can't or don't want to afford Tuscan Leather then this is the way to go. Probably slight more fruity than TL but there's not much else between them. Also good for those that love TL but want to keep it for those special occasions. Slightly preferring TL for it's smoothness but still a big thumbs up from me.

08th March, 2018 (last edited: 13th February, 2019)
Ok, must be me. Most of the comments on this are of tobacco & two cigar comments....subtle hints of leather mixed in. To me this smells more like tobacco than tobacco blaze does. This also lasts for at least two days+ on my clothes & around the living room, and washed my hands three times & there were still traces of homme lingering. (one spray). Oh well. Take care.
06th January, 2018
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Raspberry ripple in a leather bowl with a faint smell of cigarette smoke in the air. Nice!
05th January, 2018 (last edited: 21st November, 2018)
I don't like smelling of leather but I almost find this a delight. Another reviewer described it as more like suede and I think I get it. There is a subtly and depth and almost a freshness. It is quite linear.
Certainly this is far superior to Tom Fords Tuscan Leather.

Fragrance: 4/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
14th December, 2017
Given I bought it for you ApplesHK, I'm thrilled you enjoy it as much as I do.
I agree with other reviewers here that you should not compare it with Tom Ford. Tuscan Leather is a truly beautiful scent but at more than three times the price, Al Yuqawam Pour Homme is a no - brainer.
First, the packaging: Al Yuqawam Pour Homme is beautifully presented in a dark brown wooden box which closes with a lovely magnetic "clunk". The bottle itself is dark brown with a golden leaf motif and feels sensational in the hand.
The initial scent is leather, leather and more leather. "Beast" is often thrown around but Al Yuqawam Pour Homme really is a big masculine scent.
The dry-down is leather, with tobacco notes and I get a lovely fresh berry note as well.
I spray three times at 6am and even in the Middle East heat, it is still going strong at 8pm that night. Al Yuqawam Pour Homme retails here for 20 Kuwaiti Dinars (about $65 US) but is often on special at Rassasi Perfumes where you can buy three Al Yuqawam blends (Pour Homme, Ambergris Showers and Tobacco Blaze) for 40KD ($131US) which is an astonishing deal.
If you like Dior's new forgettable "Sauvage", or any of the young men's clones which have you smelling of pineapple and peaches, this is definitely not for you. A light scent? No. Al Yuqawam Pour Homme is a rich, masculine, classic perfume which I think is ideal at night with a nice crisp white shirt and a navy blue Zegna suit: classic all the way.

In fact, I can recommend all three Al Yuqawams in the series; I'm not sure if "flanker" is the right term for Ambergris Showers and Tobacco Blaze, because "flanker" to me has connotations of being a second-rate copy of the original. These are all worthy scents which can hold up to scrutiny in their own right. I feel that Ambergris Showers is lighter and more suited to being worn during the day and Tobacco Haze holds a position somewhere between the two.
For those of you not in the Middle East, this perfume will be somewhat difficult to obtain but I think you will be rewarded for your diligence and determination.
I rate Al Yuqawam Pour Homme Triple A. In fact, it's my favourite scent at the moment.
What else I'm wearing: Vetiver (Guerlain), Heritage (Guerlain), Derby (Guerlain), Habit Rouge (Guerlain), Creed GIT, YSL's Kouros, Chanel Antaeus, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Givenchy Gentleman, Azzaro Pour Homme.
15th May, 2017
Well something had to coax me out of loitering here and reading reviews, but never offering a review and La Yuqawam has done it.

Firstly, this is a masculine beast, so don't go overboard; two to three sprays is enough. I don't get anything at first but leather and smoke. For a good 90 minutes it remains a boozy, leather beast.
After an hour or two it begins to soften and a fruity undertone begins to develop. It is long lasting and has enormous sillage.

After 12 hours it is a very pleasant mixture reminiscent of pulped berries in the pocket of my leather coat. If your partner is not into the boozy, leather, smoky thing and prefers the sweeter side of things, then stick to Dior Homme Intense or have a good scrubbing shower before bed. I absolutely adore this, but my partner pushes me out of bed when I wear it and orders me into the shower.

After 24 hours La Yuqawam is close to the skin in that Chanel Pour Monsieur kind of way; classy, gorgeous and individual.

It doesn't smell like anything else I know. I'll have to compare it to Tuscan Leather after reading the above reviews, but I doubt the Tom Ford could possibly last and project like this one.

Strength: 10 - a powerhouse
Sillage: 10
Overall, this is a must have 10 and a stunning bargain.
24th April, 2017
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I recently purchased this and Nabeel Arab Tradition (which is not on this website for review) as Tuscan Leather alternatives (due to the price of TL). As I have never smelled Tuscan Leather this review will be based strictly on the scents own merits. I would say that overall I do like La Yuquwam. It is masculine and does smell natural for the most part. I wouldn't call the opening "harsh" or "a challenge"... just a little strong on initial spray. Settles down nicely into a great sweet "berry", incense and leathery scent. I don't get much of a change from open to dry down. I do get more berry/incense combo than leather for sure. I find the first few minutes that the berry/incense combo is similar to walking into a cigar shop. Overall for $52 US I would say this is a winner but try before you buy... especially if you are looking for a Tuscan Leather alternative. Enjoy!
04th April, 2017
On the stale side......
I'm really trying to enjoy this but for some reason when I sniff my arm on which I have sprayed this scent all I can think of is tobacco, stale tobacco, not the fresh sweet pipe type......just cigarette-like.

Also the leather just has an old worn very aged leather smell to it. Maybe if I walk around outside it might be a different story but when I wear it indoors at night before I go to sleep I'm just not impressed.

To my nose the scent does not evolve. No raspberry or sweetness to speak of.
14th December, 2016
This is a style of leather fragrance that was made popular by the original Helmut Lang Cuiron with its dry raspy leather with hints of tobacco leaf which gives it more of a suede feel. More leathery than Cuiron, but without any of the petrochemicals or animalic harshness of "big leathers" like Knize Ten, Hard Leather or African Leather. I guess the smell is suede more than a hard polished leather, and so Luqawam pour Homme has a very bold leathery but suede aroma as opposed to the very light suede leather fragrances on the market (Suedois, Cuiron). This is a bold suede leather. I don't know exactly how they get to this leather but I suspect it has saffron, maybe ambrette in there somewhere, possibly tobacco oil too. I have heard references to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and a similarity exists, but in my view this Rasasi La Yuqawam leather is bolder than TF Tuscan Leather, has less raspberry note, and is a rounder, deeper and fuller expression of leather suede fragrance. It is also similar to Aqua di Parma Leather but I think I like this one more.

Let's talk value for a moment. This fragrance is one third the price of Tom Ford, half the price of AdP Leather and in my view smells better. The bottle design, the wooden box it comes in, magnetic closed lid and presentation and finish in general are also far superior to Tom Ford or AdP Leather. I like that for a value proposition. How do they do that? All in, its a super value and an excellent choice for a leather fragrance. The only downside or negative I can think of is if you already have a bottle of the highly hyped Tom Ford or AdP Leather then acquiring this one is clearly excessive duplication as they are very similar. If you don't have those, try this!
27th October, 2016
Often times compared to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. Forget about Tuscan Leather for a minute- this is a wonderful scent which gives you a dose of Saffron, Thyme and Raspberry which could best be compared to wearing a fine leather jacket and eating raspberry gummi candy. The last thing to mention is the price- which for a bottle of this you would still have money to take your lover on a nice date versus the price of a bottle of Tuscan Leather. This is easily a unisex fragrance, best enjoyed in the fall. Just go easy on the number of sprays, one or maybe two are more than enough.
12th October, 2016
This opens with a strong leather like saddles or boots mixed with a cigarette ash/smoke note. There is a slight berry accord in the background. Sprays on with a sheen and dries slightly tacky, and the longevity is incredible. A very high quality fragrance. The box is high quality with copper accents and magnetic closures. I usually am a 2 or 3 spritz person, but as I couldn't smell what I applied, I kept spritzing until I had 6 spritzes. It's sillage/projection is NOT average, though other reviews praise it. It has great longevity, and with 6 spritzes, I smell it on me without lifting my shirt, but it sits very close to the skin on me.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 29th June, 2016)
An elegant down dirty smoky leather with a hint of raspberry.all the notes are so well blended that at no point you feel cloying,even though this scent has monstrous exudes power,prestige,money and extreme confidence.a glamorous leather in a unique price.La Yuqawam is a classy combination of the best ingredient. Classy,Luxurious,Gorgeous,Oriental,Woody, Masculine,Dirty,Addictive, and Simply Exquisite.

Saffron,raspberry and thyme open to jasmine,oilbanum and Artemisia in a similar style to Tuscan Leather. amber,suede,leather and woody notes add an intricate richness.this unusual blend lasts till the end,very masculine and sensual.this is a great fall/winter scent.this is more soft than Tuscan leather.great on a dinner date and it is also most certainly made for a close encounter with the opposite sex.highly recommend.


Longevity?Good on my skin.


25th May, 2016
This perfume is unbelievably powerful. Silage is great even after a full day with only two sprays in the morning....which also addresses the longevity

I have compared this and TL from TF and the smells are very similar and for the untrained nose difficult to differentiate. Even some trained noses on YouTube were unable to differentiate :)

Strong leather smell with Oud and Amber without the animalistic of the likes of Diors Leather Oud...I believe the raspberry here plays a big role in covering that up
31st March, 2016
Smoke, oudh, musk, raspberries, simply beautiful. I have not tried Ford's Tuscan Leather so iIhave no opinion on the comparison. This is a must have on its own accord.
15th March, 2016 (last edited: 26th December, 2016)
Now I've only sample Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, but a reviewer on YouTube named FragranceView, who claims TL is his go-to signature scent, did a video on how this actually smells better given the heavier jasmine amongst a deep leather note. Performance is said to be comparable to the same. My take - I love this scent. Smells a little harsh on the top if you're idea of a good fragrance is Polo Sport circa 1995, but the beauty is in the indirect wafting as it catches others by surprise.

I definitely will keep a bottle on hand. Purchased for about $125 from an online retailer.
03rd March, 2016
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
I mostly own/wear safe frags....I enjoy smelling good both to myself and the average joe's around me. I don't want to smell weird, strange or avant garde very often.(if at all) But I decided to take the blind buy plunge and bought La Yuqawam.

I sprayed it and it pretty much smelt just like people described it...high end leather with a sweet berry note and a bit of a powdery bitter note in there as well. VERY interesting scent and I honestly couldn't stop sniffing my arm.....unique and addictive smell. I'd get home from work and grab the bottle and smell the atomizer many times throughout the evening.(hey, don't judge me!lol)

And even though no scent has ever quite captivated me like La Yuqawam, I just couldn't see myself ever wearing this outside of my house in public. Just too "alpha male", mature, the cocaine association?, who knows why. But I just didn't feel comfortable trying to pull I ended up selling my bottle.

But no doubt it's a terrific and highly recommended quality frag for an unbelievable price point IMHO. Beast mode longevity and projection as well!
30th September, 2015
Leather and Tobacco???

This fragrance is not nearly that kind.

For the first two to three hours what i get is gasoline and some wood. After that i only get a vague cherry scent with some leather but it's predominantly wood. There is some incense there in the dry down but that's about all i can get out of this.

I suppose it's not for everyone.

15th September, 2015
Rasasi as a house deserves far more credit than it gets. In the past, packaging quality has not been the best, but they've stepped up their game significantly.

As everyone noted, Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather but better. At a lower price point. I think there is more oil in this than alcohol compared to TL, and the smooth suede effect is quite nice. I like.
09th September, 2015
Raspberry and saffron with a leather note that is very smooth. A definite and very well made Tuscan Leather clone. Actually just as good for a much better price. If you own this, there is no need to own Tuscan Leather IMO.
04th September, 2015
one o the best scents I have tried in it
26th July, 2015
In the opening, La Yuqawam opens up with sweet raspberry and saffron followed by a very smooth suede in the dry down. The incorporation of frankincense counterbalances the sweetness of the raspberry. In the two hours of wearing this fragrance, I have already determined that I prefer wearing this to Tuscan Leather. I have worn Tuscan Leather for two years and decided it is time for a change. Another leather that I should recommend would be Bois 1920 "Oro" which is a much more refined version of Tuscan Leather. La Yuqawam should satisfy those looking for an inexpensive quality suede/leather fragrance that can be worn any time of the year!

26th March, 2015
I don´t know how Tom Ford´s Tuscany Leather smells like, but Rasasi is just amazing. It´s smoke and leather at their best and something that I´ve smelled in Narciso Rodriguez EdP for Him but far away to be such annyoing.
23rd July, 2014 (last edited: 27th May, 2018)
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Indeed very similar to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather at a fraction of the price!
11th March, 2014