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Negative Reviews of La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

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Chemical mess, scent notes clash, something doesn't fit well at all with the tobacco, and the (sort of) raspberry is very synthetic.

Glad I was gifted a sample, which saved me from a(nother) bad blind buy..
02nd December, 2019
Utter shite perfume. Smells metallic and also reminds me of a mechanic's shop. If you want to smell like oil and tyre, knock yourself out with this shite. Good thing only got a 5ml sample
05th June, 2019
Bought a bottle on Amazon from Rasasi Perfumes UK & EU Authorised Distributors.

The juice opens with a BLAST of super-strong leather that has been over-treated with chemicals against dying-out. Pungent. Artificial. It also offers something that resembles raspberry flavoured soft drinks.

At this point I get my life's worst sinus headache. Something I have not experienced with any fragrances ever.

To me this is not a fragrance, but toxin.
19th March, 2018
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Leather and Tobacco???

This fragrance is not nearly that kind.

For the first two to three hours what i get is gasoline and some wood. After that i only get a vague cherry scent with some leather but it's predominantly wood. There is some incense there in the dry down but that's about all i can get out of this.

I suppose it's not for everyone.

15th September, 2015