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Neutral Reviews of La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

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Bold, bitter, suede-like leather with a family resemblance to the likes of Tuscan Leather and Aoud Leather, but to be found cheaper than both. Has a hefty glug of artemisia which is always a good thing in my book. Wears cool in the heat, despite its unapologetic character. Pretty linear, so one really needs to be in the mood for leather before pressing the sprayer.
03rd August, 2018
Ok, must be me. Most of the comments on this are of tobacco & two cigar comments....subtle hints of leather mixed in. To me this smells more like tobacco than tobacco blaze does. This also lasts for at least two days+ on my clothes & around the living room, and washed my hands three times & there were still traces of homme lingering. (one spray). Oh well. Take care.
06th January, 2018
On the stale side......
I'm really trying to enjoy this but for some reason when I sniff my arm on which I have sprayed this scent all I can think of is tobacco, stale tobacco, not the fresh sweet pipe type......just cigarette-like.

Also the leather just has an old worn very aged leather smell to it. Maybe if I walk around outside it might be a different story but when I wear it indoors at night before I go to sleep I'm just not impressed.

To my nose the scent does not evolve. No raspberry or sweetness to speak of.
14th December, 2016
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