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Neutral Reviews of Corsica Furiosa by Parfum d'Empire

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Corsica Furiosa is a dense green vegetal scent, with a prominent tomato leaf note. While I like green scents, I do not particularly care for the ones that are vegetal (for e.g. Devin); hence Corsica Furiosa is not to my liking. On my skin the tomato leaf dominates, though I also detect notes of galbanum and hay. It is very earthy, and somewhat bitter, though the bitterness subsides into the dry down. It also becomes a little resinous. Duration on my skin is good at around six hours, while sillage is moderate.

Corsica Furiosa would be a must try for anyone interested in vegetal green scents. I think this would work well in any weather, but perhaps better in summer. While I think it is well composed and interesting, perhaps even unique, it is just not at all to my personal tastes. However, if this were someone's signature scent, I would definitely want to meet that person.

17th May, 2018
Very green and rather unpleasant.

It is acrid, raw and bitter. It boggles my mind that anyone would want to smell like this. The sharpness of tea tree oil with pepper and oak moss is what I am getting here. Having no experience with two of the official ingredients (lentiscus, nepita), I have difficulty identying with any accuracy what it is I am smelling.

Official notes: Lenstiscus oil, Lentiscus Absolute, Lentiscus Extract, eau-de-Vie, nepita (local mint), tomato leaf, pepper, cistus, oakmoss.

I wouldn't wear it, but those into raw green herbals may find it interesting.
18th January, 2016
Not bad, but there are better mastic/lentisque scents out there. Phaedon's Lentisque for example.
Green and grassy, with very hay-like aspects. Unfortunately, for me the mastic here smells exactly like cooked celery leaf! And that note remains very strong throughout. It dominates over the tomato leaf and mint, which would be good notes if they were more foreground. I think this scent is not very well designed.
18th July, 2015
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United Kingdom
All I get from this is a strong odour of split peas and tomato leaf. Very green, dry and vegetal. Of passing interest as a boggler of the olfactory mucosa but not something I want to smell all day long. Which I would as it is very persistent.
14th January, 2015