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Neutral Reviews of Cedre Blanc by Creed

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White flowers with a little citrus in the opening. The drydown is salty, pleasant, white florals. I mention pleasant because there have been many white floral scents that I've smelled that are just too "funeral home" intense. This falls into more of the aquatic-white florals. Very clean, everyday versatile and slightly leans fem to me, but I'm fine calling this unisex. The woody drydown is a bit generic but also quite pleasant.

Performance is average all around. Because of that, and it's overall clean, pleasant feel, I feel like it could be an excellent choice to wear in office settings.

22nd May, 2020
Creed Cedre Blanc is a welcome member of the Creed family, a truly fresh woody fragrance that works even better in warm weather than in cold. The opening is accented by bergamot but quickly exposes the cedar, grouped with some vetiver and just a touch of cardamom for spiciness and some floral notes (I mostly smell the geranium). The blend is good but the emphasis is overwhelming on the the cedar, especially after the bergamot fades from the opening.

Projection and longevity are a bit disappointing for the Creed price, as Cedre Blanc seems to reinforce the notion that the house is better at nailing the fresh citrus than the fresh woody or fresh floral, but it's a pleasant creation, just not especially intriguing. Not one that I'd look to buy (even on fragrancenet) but surely something worth of trying out if a cedar-based fresh woody fragrance is up your alley, Cedre Blanc is an agreeable option for warmer weather that could probably have year-round application.

6 out of 10
22nd June, 2015
Plays well in comparison to the other Creed Acquas in in-store sniff tests, but ultimately it's done in by a shrill chemical undertone that emerges about ten minutes in. Shame, too. The opening is very nice. The middle and end are a real letdown. I keep trying to like it, but so far not so good. Kind of wish I'd gone for Vetiver Geranium instead as my first selection from this line. Guessing it might grow on me eventually, but in the meantime, there are other Acquas I'd recommend over this one.
21st November, 2014
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United Kingdom
A very mild opening with bergamot and white floral notes, with geranium being the mainstay component. Jasmine and a very gentle cedar are present in the later stages. This all is a very light, faint and weak affair on my skin, nearly too restrained for it's own good.

Silage and projection are poor, and I get about three hours of longevity.

I am hovering between and positive and a neutral score here in this scent for warm autumn days.

Whilst very nice, pleasant and very well blended, it is a bit too weak and not distinctive enough to warrant a positive score IMHO. For those whose like their scent very faint and don't mind frequent re-applications, this might be worth a try. 2.75/5.
30th August, 2014 (last edited: 09th November, 2017)