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Positive Reviews of Cedre Blanc by Creed

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Cedre Blanc is lovely. This has a misty, cloudy feel that does indeed invoke the color white. A dry almond and dry vanilla. There is sweetness but it is very reserved and classy. My nose seems to get ambergris, musk, almond and vanilla in the base. The heart has an artificial mint with an almost undetectable grassy note, orange flower/neroli with a very tiny hint of iris and a heavily covered/unidentifiable citrus that has no sharpness. There could be a berry accord involved here as well. Cranberry perhaps? The top is a clear, open cedar note that stands pretty much on its own at first then blends into the mix after 10-15 minutes. I really don't get the lily or jasmine that the official notes list. The geranium is muted heavily and plays a very minor supporting role here. The cedar has been dulled and rounded off by the base notes that soften this up neatly.

Through the life of an application of this fragrance it largely stays the same. Pleasant, clean. There is also a kind of soapy effect in there as well. This would no doubt make an amazing bath soap scent. The only real development is from the initial cedar blast then settling into the base and heart notes.

The performance is poor. It performed like a classic cologne and goes to a skin scent with zero projection on my skin within 15-20 minutes. *This performs better on more oily or moisturized skin.

This scent is very easy on the nose. Aside from the blast of cedar on the opening 5 minutes this one is a very inoffensive scent that is extremely safe.

In my opinion Creed should have made a bath set out of this scent as this scent has all the makings of marvelously clean aura. This would be an ideal post-gym scent for a grown man. It has no relation whatsoever to the gym scents people apply. And that's what makes this one rather effective in this category if Creed should ever choose to make a bath set of this.

This would work best in the spring and summer months. Could also work in early Fall.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars if it's used in spring/summer for outdoors. A very nice dumb reach scent when you're not trying to smell like you're wearing a massive fragrance but still want to smell good and clean.
03rd April, 2020
Cedre Blanc opening has a lot going on and it's very pleasant. There is zesty lime, green galbanum, fresh minty geranium and aromatic cardamom; all this is at the very top pushed by the woods and flowers (especially a very nice lily) at the bottom. A nicely balanced sweetness from flowers and a fruity accord is in contrast with a mild salty oceanic ambergris. The base is creamy but woody, sweet and salty.
19th September, 2018
Smooth, woody-sweet, and tangy unisex fragrance from Creed.

Cedre Blanc has a nice bergamot blast that lingers on and does a nice counter-point to the shiny spices and lush floral within. Cedar and sandal woods come subtly through the floral heart mix with their smooth, starchy notes, kissed by the mossy vetiver.

Not a beast mode fragrance, Cedre Blanc remains polite and pleasant throughout its wear cycle. Decent longevity and ok sillage. A nice casual or special occasion scent for either gender.
17th September, 2018
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Cedre blanc has a beautiful citrus over a creamy, woody base that hides behind whiffs of ocean air.

Something fruity and sweet lurks apple?

How is ambergris not listed in the notes? It clearly has a PROMINENT role.
I get an aquatic, woody aromatic. Like a log of Cedar washed up on the beach.

While I feel it may lean a tad masculine, Florals soften up the composition enough to make it fine for either sex.
(As a plus, my wife loves it on me)

You will certainly notice the cardamom (and even more so Bay leaf) but this is all about the Ambergris and Woods.
As it develops you are able to pick out some of the individual Wood notes more clearly.

Maybe imagine a mix up of Millesime Imperial, Viking, and Spice and Wood. That could get you close.

This is more deserving of the name Viking than the one who received it.
Had it been released into the main line under that name it certainly would’ve been better received.

Performance is about average and while it leans towards the summer months in feel I believe it could also work in cool weather.

In conclusion:
Very versatile and curiously overlooked member of the Creed lineup.
It’s unique yet has that familiar Creed DNA
At the prices this can be had for on the discount sites I’d recommend giving it a shot, you may just find yourself a gem.
04th June, 2018
It's kind of a creamy, sweet, woody aromatic thing. Not bad. Not a mindblower. I get bergamot, cardamom, galbanum, and bay leaf at first. Lily and Jasmine kick in, at the center. It ends with cedar and sandalwood that seems a tad "off" somehow. It might wear better in warmer weather. I'll try it again later in the year. Nice but, not worth full retail price.
24th January, 2018
all i'll say is that it is a nice smelling brew. i think it's more suited for a woman. but it can be done by a guy. nice...but not a must-have like git.
17th July, 2017
Great fragrance! Received this in the mail and it is wonderful! My wife likes is also; this fragrance goes on a little sweet yet, with a hint of citrus; I do detect a bit of floral, however, not overbearing with the cedar making itself known throughout. Cedre Blanc is spicy and fresh and has great longevity. I think the sillage is average however, projection is above average. This fragrance is not overpowering by no means-can wear to work, out on the town and will get great staying power. This one is very different from Aberdeen Lavender, which I own as well. I look forward to testing the will not go wrong with this fragrance.
23rd May, 2015
After owning Creed Cedre Blanc for 5months while using it time-to-time the results are final; I enjoy having it. Creed has stood by their reputation continuously creating suave, refreshing, and enjoyable scents one could imagine. Personally, I have never felt the fragrance family has ever been in competition with other brands. Yet, with so many perfumes and colognes in existence today it is not difficult to resemble another creation at some point.

Creed Cedre Blanc, the first few sprays I discovered a rush of crisp bergamot, laurel, and cardamom blending with a dry burning pile of freshly shaven cedar blocks almost as if someone were preparing a campfire in the woods. The burning wood note is mild, calm and welcoming; yet fresh and woodsy. This part of the composition can last for almost 1hour, then Cedre Blanc revels it's jasmine, geranium, and lily floral accords. Middle notes blend very well with the top notes; However at this juncture I wished the middle notes could have lasted for an eternity because this fragrance is a work of art by it being multifaceted. Nonetheless, the grand finale quickly sets in with various subtle wood notes that remain in the background with hardly any projection. Probably a 18inches at most.

Cedre Blanc has some resembling characteristics of sharing it's drydown of Himalaya with sandalwood and [ambergris] (although not listed) along with the top note initial 1st blast of Royal Oud with the burning of the wood minus the cigarette ash note. I'm not saying Cedre Blanc smells like Himalaya and Royal Oud; I'm identifying it has some vague similarities to them.

In conclusion, Creed Cedre Blanc is a safe anytime scent. While it may present as a mild and hardly noticeable scent after 3hours; it is truly present more so as a skin scent. If one were to purchase Cedre Blanc expecting to get by on 3-4sprays; guess again. This isn't Aventus, Millesime 1849, or Green Irish Tweed. It is totally fine to spray 8times. The fragrance won't become overbearing for others around after 40minutes. I did this and gotten about 8hours of excitement.

7.75 out of 10 - Good Scent
10th March, 2015
Very nice and interesting cologne with a good staying power. Start a little spice fresh then you have floral smooth heart and stay with a fresh woody base with cedar, vetyver and maybe sandalwood. A little fresh powdery. Remind me my creed favourite Pure White Cologne with a woody base. Very beautiful composition, an allround cologne for me. Nice work Creed !
01st July, 2014