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Positive Reviews of Otis & Me by Jazmin Saraï

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A rather unique combination of hot and cold, the opening is a blast of black pepper and balsam. The edginess is reduced by a hint of cardamom. This isn't a floral, and the Turkish rose hides in the background. It dries down to a spicy balsam that smells less like black pepper. Well done.
04th June, 2017
If you are in search of the usual Masculine hooks of boldness, sillage and longevity.
Or the Unisex blandness of ISO E Super and Calone.
Or the Feminine melange of Floral, Soft Textures and Harmony.

Otis, it's sibling Led, share a common theme or style if you like.

Through the careful arrangement of natural ingredients and notes they speak to subject Masculine , from perspective Feminine.

Decidedly unisex because of the honesty!

And definitely sexy because,

They honour the difference between the Masculine and Feminine caress.

Notice the Cardamom and Black Pepper that dance together all attached to resin and base of almost green unroasted Coffee Bean. Resemblance to the Masculine dryness in LADDM yet a softness of a Feminine Breeze.

I don't know why there is not more of a buzz about these scents.

20th August, 2015 (last edited: 12th May, 2017)