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Negative Reviews of Pathetique by O'Dri¨

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I suppose one mark of "a work of genius" is the disagreement it arouses. If so, Pathetique is the brilliant achievement its creator claims. For me, or perhaps on me, it is simply and literally nauseating. It was on a list of perfumes I wanted to try based on the extraordinary descriptions it's been given. Instead of the half-ounce decant I hoped for, my husband bought me a couple of ounces of the stuff. I don't smell anything anyone else has described, with the possible exception of pepper and vanilla. I have an excellent nose and palate, and I prefer the original versions of perfumes of the 20's through 50's. As a benchmark, I love Bois des Isles, Habanita, and Detchema. I have worn Dans la Nuit and le Dix with pleasure. Pathetique starts with a top note of sweet pastries, moves through the hard-to-identify, and eventually develops a vague aura of burning tires. I find it quite long-lived, and sickening. It is without doubt the essence of surrealist perfume, presumably a personal in-joke by Pregoni, but its PR is its primary value.
26th December, 2015
Pathetique is so far the worst perfume from this house. It smells like sweaty armpits that haven't been washed for weeks and you try to cover up the smell with a cheap deodorant.
25th October, 2015