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Neutral Reviews of Pathetique by O'Driù

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This reminds me of Serge Lutens Chergui, and I was on the fence between neutral and like with that one before the sweet, long-lasting base won me over. Pathetique is similar in having a challenging, unfamiliar-as-a-perfume opening that I could grow to appreciate. It is interesting to wear, but not quite for me.
07th July, 2016
I love some of the older O’Driu scents, and I can appreciate the populist direction-shift he’s taken, but this one’s not up to much. It’s a woody, balmy, chocolate scent that feels like less substantial version of Ore. There are medicinal facets that sneak through, and something distinctly grassy — which serves as an odd contrast to the cocoa (which dominates) — but that’s really all there is to it. It dries down to a semi-mossy, vetiver affair that smells a tad chlorinated. And somehow (not sure how), it lasts for an insane amount of time. Overall, it reminds me of those industrial hot cocoa packets you sometimes see by a water-coolers — a sort of not-quite-cocoa kind of effect. So, unless you’re die-hard O’Driu fan (which is understandable given his range), or you’re after a strange, medicinal, almost metallic cocoa, I’d skip this one and maintain hope that he returns to what he does best — apothecary-style animalic stinkers. Characterful, but a far cry from his best work.
05th March, 2015
Starts out with a leafy green accord. I thought there might have been a clove or fig note in there. There seemed to be something plasticy in there (not actually a bad thing). Mellows down to a wood accord. Very nice. Has a lot of earthy notes, which would make one think it would be an allergy nightmare for someone with allergies. Smells earthy indeed. Overall, it's a nice fragrance for the fall and winter. Would I purchase a full bottle? No, but I would purchase a decant. 7.5/10
05th November, 2014
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