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Neutral Reviews of Mukhalat Malaki by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

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At the opening I can smell a smooth and semi sweet amber mixed with some frankincense, some woods and only hint of saffron in the background.
But beware the calm before the storm!
Things were smooth at the start but the scent suddenly changed to chaos!
As time goes by, semi sweet amber goes completely to the background and the woody part of the scent gets much stronger!
In the mid I can smell a sharp, dark and very strong woody scent with lots of spice and noticeable amount of saffron in the background.
I believe there is a heavy dose of cedar beside oud because it's dark and sharp woody at the same time.
I can't smell rose in this fragrance.
It's just heavy woods and spice and some saffron which gets sweeter and smoother in the base.
Projection is average at the start but it gets like a bomb in the mid and base.
Longevity is more than 12 hours on my skin. no problem at all.
18th March, 2015