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Positive Reviews of Mukhalat Malaki by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

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United Kingdom
The opening is rose with saffron and amber. Initially the saffron dominates, but soon the amber pulls equal rank.

There is not one specific specific moment when the rose suddenly appears, but is grows very slowly to become an aroma that is, like a gossamer web, covering the whole in a very thin layer, more like a backgound atmosphere than a fully present independent note in the mix.

In the drydown the oud develops; a gentle out, rather soft with the harsh edge reduced to a faint minimum. This oud does not stand out like in so many other products, it is here a well integrated team player. In the base the oud is paired with cedar and small touches of sandalwood, whilst he amber penetrates it all until the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and twelve hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice, smooth autumnal scent composed of high quality ingredients that are well blended, and, in spite of being not particularly creative, being a nice creation with excellent performance. 3.25/5.
16th October, 2017