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Positive Reviews of Poirier d'un Soir by Miller Harris

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Like over-ripe pear in the opening, as if the pear is fermenting. A rum note and birchy leather with a slightly metallic (Ambrette?) rose give an odd but to me really promising beginning. The way the spun sugar and florals combine reminds me of lychee, or a tin of fruit salad! But it's straight up linear after an hour of wearing, I feel as though I want it to do something else, shift one way or another. In this it's putting me in mind of the Swiss Arabian attars Ansam and Layali, all three scents being linear fruity/sweet with florals. But I think the Cedar in Poirier drags it away from sickly sweetness and gives a slightly sour edge. After two hours it's toning down but not really changing, maybe becoming a tad more rosy than pear. So I'm okay with the general quirky (Cashmeran?) fruity/floral vibe but definitely not blown away by it. Btw, IMHO of the three perfumes I mentioned here, Ansam is the nicest - and it's not listed in the directory.
25th February, 2019
Bought this blind in a sale after reading the raving reviews on fragrantica. I get a bit of pear but mostly a sweet cashmere wood, a bit reminiscent of Costume National 21. I like it but it doesn't knock my socks off.
08th May, 2018