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Neutral Reviews of Solare by Vince Camuto

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An overly safe, but too low key, of a fragrance from Vince Camuto.

As mentioned by other reviewers, this scent is based on a candy-orange and musk foundation, sprinkled with a bit of cashmere to smooth it out. Despite a healthy dose of spraying, Solare remains at slightly more than at skin-scent level throughout the wear cycle, which on me fades after 5 to 6 hours. Whether cool or warm weather, Solare seems to stay fairly light - for me, too much so.

I prefer Vince Camuto's Terra for the thicker, more pungent effect that I like in a fragrance. Solare is somewhat fruity like Terra, but it's just too weak and barely discernible for me to really enjoy (unless of soak myself in it).
17th April, 2018
Very sweet, synthetic-orange opening. Not a citrus orange, more like a candy orange. I'm getting more powdery cardamom than orange in the drydown. Only like Ultra Zest in that the bottles are orange and it has a little orange scent but Ultra Zest has a lot more going on, is way more unique and has better performance.

Solare is a soft-projecting, safe, everyday scent that blends-in rather than stands-out. Should get compliments while it lasts which seems to be most of the workday.

26th February, 2018
Solare is a nice smelling scent, as others have said, a lighter take on Ultra Zest. Longevity is a big problem for me, I get no more than 2 hours if I'm lucky. This (and my other Camuto reviews) are not based off of one wearing either, but .25 oz bottles. So I have gotten many wears of it, and a good feel.

The plus side, this is always marked down in department stores, which you don't see too often, so if you're a mall shopper, well there you go. It does get compliments.

The scent itself. Can't really detect individual notes, other than orange, and white musk. Perhaps a light vanilla or amber undertone. Again like most Camuto's it just feels incomplete, doesn't go anywhere.
31st October, 2016
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I like this. While it is not a wow fragrance, I think it is a worthy summer fragrance for liberal spraying and beach use. Synthetic oranges that conjure the color blue rather than orange. Sweet, with a touch of musk, simple.
29th September, 2015
Reminds me of Bvlgari Aqua Amara. Mandarin with a touch of woods on the drydown. Projection and longevity are average on this one. The cardamom and light musk is a good look on this one. Vince Camuto ' s answer to Thierry Mugler's Ultra Zest maybe?
28th April, 2015