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A one-dimensional, unimaginative honey-sweet tonka-vanilla bomb, reminiscent to me of Pure Havane and HdP 1899 (and superior to neither).
25th March, 2020
Beautiful, but since I own and love Pure Havane, I won't be buying this, it would be redundant :)

Besides that, a fantastic fragrance.
28th December, 2019
Opens with a tonka lemon bergamot mix. The citrus all but disappears after about 45 minutes. It lives a good amount of its life as a tonka honey cashmeran lavendar tobbacco fragrance. I sprayed polo supreme cashmere on a bag a couple weeks ago and got pretty used to picking out cashmeran, so maybe that is why it stood out so predominately to me. It does have tobacco, but it just doesnt read very loud. About in the same strength as the lavendar. But this is a decidedly sweet fragrance, that because it stays a bit drier, smells more expensive that edible. Great performance. Lasted well, above average projection.
Didnt really wow me into even consideration, regardless of price. Smells like good quality. But it didnt really develop after the initial transition away from the citruses. Too sweet and tonka-y for me. Ill say im gonna go thumbs down, with points dropping it from a neutral based on it being so pricey.
18th June, 2019
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Yum. Citrus-lavender opening, very tart lemon-lime combination that quickly settles down into something sweeter and more refined: backdrops of honey, vanilla and cinnamon smooths out the fruity opening. Tobacco, tonka, and the cinnamon in particular darken the scent, creating a good balancing act between the lighter and darker elements of Naxos. Despite references to other fragrances by others, I find this to be unique: how many gourmands that incorporate citrus-powdery-floral elements have you come across?

The sweet is never too overbearing, the dark center is never too heavy. It's an expense to wear this: it doesn't come cheap. It's VERY expensive. However, it is very good though and, if you have the surplus income, I would recommend it for just about any occasion. Projection is average and so is silage: I would have expected a little bit more in both departments for this price. Very unisex as well.

29th March, 2019
Yet another thought-provoking, imaginative EdP sent from Xerjoff's XJ 1861 collection.

Naxos is dedicated to Sicilian culture and sensibilities, which is quite a courageous undertaking by Xerjoff. I know opinions vary with this one; I fall in the "like" category with what can be a somewhat challenging scent (it is meant to say several things in one place).

And I also find some parallels to Thierry Mugler Pure Havane, also a tobacco-y scent.

Fragrance notes for Naxos:
Top - bergamot, lemon, lavender
Heart - cashmeran, honey, jasmine sambac, cinnamon
Base - tobacco, tonka bean, vanilla

Naxos opens with the citrus duo of bergamot and lemon that blends well with lavendern plus lovely jasmine sambac. Sweetness is supplied courtesy the honey, tonka and vanilla; the key element for me is the tobacco, which leans this towards resembling Pure Havane along with the other notes in Naxos.

I already have Pure Havane, so this one would seem like an ultra-expensive duplicate for me. But if you're not concerned about cost and want a scent that 80% similar yet with arguably finer ingredients, this one's for you!

31st December, 2018
my first review here....

tried the naxos after much praise from mr smelly, i must say that i usually quite like all his reccomendations. but this one sorely disappointed.

sticky sweet, takes gourmand to another level, and almost single dimensional this one.

tonka bean, jaggery/honey, i do get a slight bit of tobacco in the dry down, but beneath the nauseating sweetness, which imo lasts a very long time. tested on my hand and could smell it long after i had washed them with soap.

11th December, 2018
The opening is fantastic ..full of sparkling citrus notes of the highest quality..the citrus then goes almost golden, imagine fresh limes and lemons in a pan but in the early stages of being caramelised . Then roughly ten minutes further in , out of nowhere the fragrance takes a sharp left turn and leaves a lot of the opening at the crossroad (slightly dissapointing but wait). I am then greeted with lavander with hints of light sweet honey and a beautiful hint of vanilla (All very high quality and luxurious) , cinnamon is gently cascading into play and I am reminded of fragrances like bogart pour homme (very close) or pure havane but never evidently synthetic or exactly note for note just a reminder (I don't actually think I can detect tobbaco as most say, more an illusion). Performance is perfect, never cloying or overbearing and really long lasting, just sitting across the skin,inviting attention, blending individually which each wearers skin chemistry into new variations. In the far dry down (9 hours on my skin) the whole composition although linear becomes powdery but still potent and addictive and just generally sexier. Naxos is a complete class act from start to finish and should completely enhance a night out for the person wearing this and the person snuggling into it. The presentation of my new bottle (2018 version) is probably the most beautiful item I own ..from the frosted glass to the heavy gold lid and stunning box it sits in. I couldn't be happier owning Naxos, they have pushed the presentation like a Swiss watch ..all worth it tho, my only issue is I am now completely intrigued and excited to try other Xerjoff's, especially as my disapproving fragrance journey girlfriend adores this one ..well she would have too.
05th December, 2018 (last edited: 19th December, 2018)
Naxos is a smooth honey fragrance with hints of tobacco, vanilla & cinnamon. In many ways you could call it a grown up semi gourmand. The blending is superb as is longevity. I do get some of the Pure Havane association but this is leagues ahead. When I wear this I feel kind of special. Amazing juice.

14th June, 2018 (last edited: 30th January, 2020)
A ghastly, nauseating combination of hay-like Tonka Bean, lavender scent sachets, piercing anise and mildly urinous honey. No detectable tobacco unless it is a facet of the strong Tonka note.
03rd April, 2018
A smoother, more refined Pure Havane.

Very nice to wear and has excellent performance but I'd be fine wearing PH, which is far less expensive and also Samba Skin Man which is a super-cheapy.
24th December, 2017 (last edited: 25th December, 2017)
This is an especially Xerjoff-smelling fragrance from Xerjoff: a wall of experimental-smelling billowing chemicals. The Xerjoff signature DNA is pushed beyond reasonable limits in this screamer.
23rd June, 2017
Only my second try from the beloved house of Xerjoff (after Nio last year), 1861 Naxos smells as good on skin as I recall when smelling it on paper in Twisted Lily in Brooklyn last fall.

Naxos has a fresh opening of bergamot, lemon, and lavender but quickly dries down into its feature act of tobacco, honey, cinnamon, tonka, and vanilla. For me, the standouts are the tobacco and honey, and this falls right into the "sweet tobacco" or more specifically "honey tobacco" category of scents that seem to be both popular and ubiquitous on the market.

Because of the strong resemblance to Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane, I can imagine at $246 for 100ml Naxos may not be an ideal option. There are certainly other niche honey tobaccos (i.e. Parfums de Marly Herod) that are celebrated and slightly better-priced. I'd lean toward Herod, myself, but certain can concede that while a $50 or $60 bottle of Pure Havane is a much more sensible option on a budget, Naxos is nonetheless smoother and more refined than Pure Havane, lacking its oft-reported "cherry tobacco" sweetness.

Still, if you're on the hunt for the next great sweet tobacco, or more specifically, honeyed tobacco, then this might end up fitting the bill despite the price tag. I'd probably pass on this since I get enough out of Pure Havane, Herod, and other entries like Wiseguys Vegas Cologne and Dua Fragrances Honey Havane, to not feel compelled to opt for another honey tobacco.

8 out of 10
31st August, 2016
A tobacco aroma with sweet undertone of honey.X1 1861 is a extremely charming perfume full of finesse in which particulary the balance between sweetness,wamth who is equally suitable for men and women.however it is more masculine but surre to attract women who like classy kind men.too sweet but in a nice way and gives you feel cozy and Surrendering yourself to its temptation is akin to reaching erotic zenith.Medium Heavy,Wonderful Pleasant and Simply one word Deliciousness.

The freshness of the bergamot and lemon contrasted by the heat of the spices lavender creates an elegant opening.the heart is composed with honey and jasmine. a few notes of cashmeran and cinnamon coat in woody marquetry.this tobacco composition is further intensified by powerful Tonka bean reinforced with a soft accord of powdery vanilla which provide the power and trancity to the must like strong sweet aromatic tobacco scents to enjoy is great for just hunging out on a nice cold day,or for a relaxed evening at a hip bar or club.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

12th June, 2016
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