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Negative Reviews of XJ 1861 Naxos by Xerjoff

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A one-dimensional, unimaginative honey-sweet tonka-vanilla bomb, reminiscent to me of Pure Havane and HdP 1899 (and superior to neither).
25th March, 2020
Opens with a tonka lemon bergamot mix. The citrus all but disappears after about 45 minutes. It lives a good amount of its life as a tonka honey cashmeran lavendar tobbacco fragrance. I sprayed polo supreme cashmere on a bag a couple weeks ago and got pretty used to picking out cashmeran, so maybe that is why it stood out so predominately to me. It does have tobacco, but it just doesnt read very loud. About in the same strength as the lavendar. But this is a decidedly sweet fragrance, that because it stays a bit drier, smells more expensive that edible. Great performance. Lasted well, above average projection.
Didnt really wow me into even consideration, regardless of price. Smells like good quality. But it didnt really develop after the initial transition away from the citruses. Too sweet and tonka-y for me. Ill say im gonna go thumbs down, with points dropping it from a neutral based on it being so pricey.
18th June, 2019
my first review here....

tried the naxos after much praise from mr smelly, i must say that i usually quite like all his reccomendations. but this one sorely disappointed.

sticky sweet, takes gourmand to another level, and almost single dimensional this one.

tonka bean, jaggery/honey, i do get a slight bit of tobacco in the dry down, but beneath the nauseating sweetness, which imo lasts a very long time. tested on my hand and could smell it long after i had washed them with soap.

11th December, 2018
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A ghastly, nauseating combination of hay-like Tonka Bean, lavender scent sachets, piercing anise and mildly urinous honey. No detectable tobacco unless it is a facet of the strong Tonka note.
03rd April, 2018
This is an especially Xerjoff-smelling fragrance from Xerjoff: a wall of experimental-smelling billowing chemicals. The Xerjoff signature DNA is pushed beyond reasonable limits in this screamer.
23rd June, 2017