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Positive Reviews of Orangea by Profumum

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Profumum Orangea is one of the newer releases, a green citrus amalgam of bergamot, petitgrain, cedar, and mint.

I don't get so much of the bergamot except at the very opening, after which the petitgrain mostly takes over, along with a hint of mint.

It's a little green and more citrus at the opening, and then considerably greener and woodier in the dry down.

Performance seems fine, on par with the usual high Profumum standard, even for warm weather fragrances.

I can see why many would like this due to its greenness, and while I'm usually not a fan of green fragrances, this is well done, though I'm not sure it's full bottle worthy.

7 out of 10
05th July, 2017
A beautiful orange flower fragrance with great longevity. I smelled like I was "Soarin' Over California" all day long. I understand that the notes of this fragrance don't mention orange blossoms. It contains pettigrain and bergamot however and the orange deliciousness really shines through in my opinion in such a way that it feels just like you're in an orange grove when the blossoms are full on. Maybe it's my untrained nose, but I don't really find the mint or the cedar in the dry down. This is orange blossom all the way for me, and I really love it. Another one on my wish list to be sure!
07th June, 2016