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Positive Reviews of Room Service by Vilhelm Parfumerie

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I love the fruitiness of the opening, and the dry down of musk is close to the skin and pleasant. I wouldn't buy this because of the price point, but love it in the early fall/late summer and happily drained my sample in a few consecutive days. I had tried it in other seasons and hadn't liked it as much.
19th September, 2019
Wait, I've smelled this before! The lobby of a certain hotel I've stayed at numerous times is always well dressed with fresh cut flowers, green spiked stems which precedes fastidiously pressed linens in the room for an overworked cleanliness - exactly what Vilhelm is reaching for here. Room Service smells very green, slightly floral with a steam pressed refinery of freshly done laundry. If you have in mind the need for a spring white floral and green fragrance, Room Service is one to try. Blackberry musk adds a tartness and green bamboo and violet leaves a dry cleanliness - a purity. The black amber and musk base is a bit of a Vilhelm Parfumerie signature that adds a Baltic Sea fresh woods and depth to the base. This is all fresh linen and spring floral greens. Rating is slightly lower for me than others I've tried from Vilhelm - 7 / 10 stars.
02nd December, 2015