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Positive Reviews of Erdenstern by April Aromatics

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Quality notes and nicely done. Dried autumn leaves and a nice vetiver touch was done with this one. Doesn't show in the notes, but I get a very light citrus note in here somewhere. Seems like a year round scent IMO. The tobacco and musk is excellent. The only negative thing with Erdenstern is the price for quantity ratio. 8/10
17th November, 2015
Erdenstern is truly a different breed of natural smelling fragrance. Every time I wear it I am reminded of dried leaves or dried grasses but with a slight sweet chocolate and nutty aroma that smells sort of like a chocolate nut coffee cake. I think the whole fragrance evolves from the whirling universe of the tobacco note. Tobacco has a dried leaf aspect complimented here by the botanical musk and tonka bean. Cocoa and opoponox adds more sweet chocolatey warmth, while vetiver reconnects back to tobacco and leaves. Don't know if I want to smoke it or eat it. Erdenstern is warm, chocolatey, leafy, would make a great chocolate flavored pipe tobacco. In short, its an abstraction of pleasing aromas - a work of art. Enjoyable to wear.
20th May, 2015