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Reviews of Virgin Lily of the Valley by Eric Buterbaugh Florals

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United Kingdom
A light orange blossom with a dominat lily-of-the-valley greet me in the opening phase. It sounds uninspired, but the lily-of-the-valley is actually quite interesting, as it lacks the customary sweetness usually inherent in this note - a dry version on my skin of a usually sweet note. And this unusually unsweetened lily-of-the-valley is convincing for the first couple of hours. Then a somewhat unexciting wood impression develops, and the liky-of-the valley fades out.

The sillage is soft, the projection all right, and I get six hours of longevity on my skin. A pleasant spring scent and worth trying if one likes lily-of-the-valley but dislikes the sweetness is usually entails. Just barely a positive score - the unexciting drydown is the main weakness of this creation. 3/5
05th October, 2015