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Positive Reviews of Ever Bloom by Shiseido

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EVER BLOOM is a white swirl with frosted lotus but also has the gentle femininity of orange blossom,the voluptuousness of gardenia and the rounded notes of white is the type of scent i enjoy it on a young lady.a nice musky with a light aquatic notes that reminds me of summer romance.Refined,Delicate, Clean,Musky,Floral,Elegant,Romantic,Sensational and Gracegul.

Orange blossom and lotus create a fresh foil for a bouquet of jasmine,rose and a dominant note of gardenia while musk give it a comfortable finish and makes it a smell of freedom,of ability breathing is just like sun-kissed skin in the summer.a nice choice for everyday use in spring/summer.great for a shy intriguer!


Longevity?About 6 hours on my skin.

06th September, 2015