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Neutral Reviews of Les Absolus d'Annick Goutal : 1001 Ouds by Annick Goutal

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United Kingdom
The olfactory journey begins with a blast of black pepper; a fairly strong one initially then smoothes soon afterwards.

A bit of papyrus with a note of myrrh incense follows on, but this is all overtaken by the oud impression that is promised by the name of this creation. It is quite a smooth oud, in the brighter side of the spectrum, and it lacks the harshness and screechiness that characterises many of the contemporary oud impressions.

Otherwise there is predictability galore: yes, the customary rose is there too; a rather nonspecific rose as a sidekick to the oud. Yes, the well-trodden path of a woodsy base - again quite hard to define further. The weak whiffs of birch I get are more perfunctory than making a notable contribution to the whole.

I get moderate sillage,excellent projection and an impressive thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

Yes, another oud-rose this wintery scent is indeed, but is is less intrusive and in-your-face than most of its contemporaries. The drawbacks are the generic and rather synthetic nature of its ingredients - there is, of course, no real oud in this blend. 2.75/5
08th November, 2019
Fairly standard issue oud opening, followed by an amber drydown. An uncomfortable sweetness has been added to make it less "masculine", but overall it detracts from the composition. The drydown offers some rose, along with a poppy civet-musk.

Not terrible by any means, but nothing original , and not work the asking price.
13th November, 2015