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Positive Reviews of Les Absolus d'Annick Goutal : 1001 Ouds by Annick Goutal

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Fresh ground black pepper and papery papyrus to start. Black myrrh, with an incense vibe. Smooth but light "oud". Black-colored rose. Buzzy woods.

As it settles there is a hint of sweetness, like amber. The woodiness settles, lies beneath the surface. It is gentle. The sweetness increases - it's myrrh and rose, I'm guessing, that creates this accord of sweet. Still, the wood lies beneath hours later. A great wintery, unisex fragrance. One of the nicer Goutals I've tried. It's not complicated. It is easy to wear. But no, not a true "oud" perfume by any means.
08th January, 2019
A refreshing take on oud.
The menthol (papyrus) note blends well with the smoky/oud note.
29th January, 2016