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Okay scent overall, though it doesn't echo what I've come to expect of the delicate lemon trait of bergamot.

Venetian Bergamot comes across as rich, exploring several directions but, IMO, straying a bit far from highlighting bergamot in a clear, convincing way. It has a peppery-citrus start which I've enjoyed in several prestige scents in and out of Tom Ford's scents. VB ends up more a floral-sweet, feminine fragrance that makes ylang-ylang stick out versus provide a continual citrus flurry honoring this oft-used citrus note of bergamot.

30th September, 2018
Only bergamot for about a second then becomes a surprise headache inducing animalic white floral bomb. (I did test this first in summer heat). I'm fall, I tried it again and now it's not choking me out, but it's just kind of a meh spicy white floral, and still a bit grating after a time. Either way, not great.
26th September, 2018
Purchased 2018. Smells great, blend is top notch but holy smokes. It is a skin scent within 40 minutes
30th April, 2018
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Peppery-citrus opening. Drydown starts to go into the woody notes. The floral gardenia is there but it's not overwhelming at any time and I actually see this leaning slightly masculine but maybe that's just on my skin. Honestly, it smells good on everyone, so unisex is fine with me.

Smells like a mature, refined, daytime scent.

Projection is average but longevity is very good, lasts all day.
23rd February, 2018
After the initial notes of citrus, I get a lot of white floral. Too far on the feminine side of the spectrum for my tastes.
02nd December, 2017
Very Tom Ford! Not too spicy, not too floral, not too sweet. Light but with good sillage and longevity. Beautiful mix of a lot of things.
05th November, 2017
The citrus top notes of this scent is what drew me in. Loved the florals & ylang ylang. But then came the base notes. Amber stood out with its soft warm scent that I love & had great staying power. My new favorite!
28th August, 2017
To begin, this doesn't smell like bergamot. It doesn't even smell like simulated bergamot. Instead, I think it's more aptly described as a "metaphor" for bergamot...

It kicks off with sweet lemon lollipops, joined with honeyed mimosa blossom and extended with that Snuggle fabric softener musk. It lasts forever and doesn't do much, merely getting slightly less lemony over the course of hours. It's pleasant and sweet and bright and rich and forcefully modern, but somehow unremarkable, the olfactory equivalent of a wedding that's not as nice in person as it looks on Instagram.
11th August, 2017
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United Kingdom
Yes, the opening blast contains bergamot, but it not a bright, loud and crisp bergamot Le-Labo style, but a touch toned down by a hint of white pepper.

In the drydown there are white florals added that give the whole a slightly sweetish turn, and especially magnolia, ylang-ylang and whiffs of muguet are noticeable. In the base an ambery vanilla emerges, and the underlying cashmere softens up the base notes; this is a smooth base. The amber is bland at best, as is the vanilla undercurrent.

The performance is outstanding, with moderate sillage, very good projection and a magnificent longevity of fourteen hours on my skin.

Not you average bergamot summer freshen-up tonic, but more floral and smoother, more elegant than fresh after the opening blast. The main problems is the sonewhat generic character of many of the ingredients, that make it somewhat unexciting, although by no means a bad fragrance. 2.75/5.
23rd February, 2016
This is a pleasant scent. Starts with crisp bergamot and a mildly peppery spice note. The ginger is not well done, it smells a bit tinny and faux. The white florals are OK, nothing exceptional there. The woods are very faint. Overall, the scent is cool and light, slightly soapy at times (perhaps from the sandalwood which gives a creamy note). The dry-down has a very effective use of cashmeran, which gives a gentle, soft, fuzzy-buzzy note and sits close to the skin. Yes, this is easily a unisex style.
05th January, 2016
This gives off a grape soda vibe (not in a bad way though). Off course you get a nice dose of bergamot and some citrus. I also get the ylang ylang. I've noticed Tom Ford puts ylang ylang in quite a few of the floral scents in the private blend collection. I seem to get an orange blossom note in this (even though it's not listed in the note breakdown). This is another one of the TF private blends that seem more suited for the ladies. 7/10
19th October, 2015 (last edited: 22nd August, 2016)
Let me guess - the name 'Italian Bergamot' was no longer available, taken up as it were by Ermenegildo Zegna's Essenze line. Which is just as well as VENETIAN BERGAMOT is really not about the bergamot despite opening with some. It is more of a soft if slightly soapy clean floral over a nondescript tonka bean-accented white musk base. Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm not crazy about it but I like it. It has that subtle, fresh out of the shower feel to it, with modest projection and acceptable longevity. Those could be red flags for anyone more accustomed to the nuclear-like strength of Tobacco Vanille but if you are after effortless elegance, they are worth a couple of brownie points.

Now about those floral notes. These have been tastefully modulated (read: neutered) to appeal to a broader customer base so I really wouldn't worry about coming across as Mrs Doubtfire. The only thing I can't quite shake off is the feeling that it resides within the same zipcode as the infinitely more affordable Zegna Intenso.
15th October, 2015
Pretty nice, pretty characterless, pretty expensive. Bergamot and white florals leads to endless soft woods, lactonic sandalwood synths and white musk.

Another pleasant, unambitious and unnecessary TF release.
18th September, 2015
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Very appealing indeed and I wasn't anticipating of liking this one given that I haven't enjoyed any of Tom Ford's lighter scents: Neroli Portofino (and flankers from NP collection) Azure Lime, Fleur de Chine, Lavender Palm, and Rive d'Ambre. The opening begins with the prominent note of bergamot which comes off as bright and citrus. After a while the citrus opening will tone down and floral notes of gardenia, mangolia, and ylang ylang will begin making its appearance. There's also some subtle wood notes of cashmeran, cedar, pepperwood, and sandalwood which accompanies the florals. At this point the scent becomes more floral than citrus. At the drydown there's a hint of amber and tonka bean that joins the remnants of both floral and wood notes that have been present throughout the life of the scent. Surprisingly, this has very good longevity and decent silage. I was able to get a good 6-8 hours with this scent. Excellent for warmer weather conditions in which the heat will allow the scent to project even more. Overall, Venetian Bergamot is a decent scent which is definitely worth trying.
13th September, 2015
Nice, but should have been in the blue line up.
13th September, 2015