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Neutral Reviews of Joop! Homme Sport by Joop!

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The scent of action and's always a good refreshing thing to get a nice complement so if you enjoy the uplifiting refreshing almost salty feeling combined with the confidence that smelling nice for people around you this is a nice extremely fresh,young,summery,casual,invigorating,dynamic,spicy,modern,pleasent and daytime scent.

It starts up very spicy with mint,ginger and bergamot but in the soft,crisp way.salty notes give the fragrance an elegant edge whils the watery scent of seanotes add a smooth touch giving way to the woody aromatic base notes but it stays close to the reminiscent of the smell of the can not be in bad mood when wearing this.girls love it.if you like modern sporty scents this one is a buy but if you want something really new and too sporty,don't buy.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

20th April, 2016