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Positive Reviews of Caramella d'Amore by Il Profumo

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This is sooooo interesting!

I just received this in a swap, and I asked for it blindly. I got it from a swapper over on Fragrantica, and reading the reviews there, it sounds as though this is not so wonderful. However, I was still willing to bet this may be worth giving a shot. I'm glad I did.

If you have ever tried and enjoyed MiN New York's Magic Circus, you know there is something really neat about it - it's almost perfect for those of us that are not generally as giddy when it comes to full-on gourmands. When I looked at the notes for Caramella d'Amore, it reminded me of a more subdued Magic Circus.

The scent is light, a veil of pistachio, violet (I honestly do not know the difference between white and regular violet), caramel and popcorn. It is really clever and unexpected from this house - at least in my experience.

I do wonder how my husband will experience this on me; I love Magic Circus on him.

Update: I really appreciate the soft veil of sillage, and while the longevity leaves a bit to be desired, it is a bit of a plus in that it allows for an easy change over for a late afternoon scent if one would choose to use three scents in a day, as this is most certainly a day scent - at least in this hot weather!
26th June, 2018