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Positive Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop by Guerlain

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Berries and lemon in a sweet and sour cloud. This is quickly followed by a rose and peony bouquet. I'm always amazed at how every AA offering never resembles a traditional Guerlain signature profile. They could have been created by anyone else... Any sweetness that was here, is replaced by a floral accord. There are some green undertones, as in violet leaf.

The rose and peony fight each other for airplay. Their aromas oscillate. Berries, slightly tart are always in the background.

Eventually the rose & peony hug each other in a truce, making this a lively floral. Much later it turns soapy, in a pleasant way. I can't decide if I want to keep this one. I have others that smell similar. I may end up selling it...
22nd April, 2019
Dear Guerlain - I'd appreciate it if you'd keep in your collection one of the Aqua Allegoria's that contains peony notes. First you bring Pivoine Magnifica out and then discontinue it, and now Rosa Pop has been discontinued. Rosa Pop filled the void for me that Pivoine Magnifica did - bubbly, bright, crisp and that peony note!

Rosa Pop was an unexpected find that was too late. Get this one if you can.
14th July, 2018
I usually don't like sweet, fruity rose perfumes, but I've really enjoyed Rosa Pop despite myself.

The first blast is pure fun: sugar-frosted rose petals, candied violets, and sparkly raspberries. With time, jasmine bubble gum and light aldehydes come in and tie everything together, while the violets fade to suede. The end result is sugary, buublegummy, fruity flowers over leather, a potentially trashy combination that Rosa Pop manages to pull off with aplomb.

For those reading this to decide if Rosa Pop is one of the better Aqua Allegorias worth tracking down, I'd say yes - Though this is no Mitsouko, it's fun without being stupid.
20th October, 2016
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