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Positive Reviews of Delice by Sultan Pasha

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for me , this opens with a slightly chocolaty almond...light/fresh/airy and delicious...nice and cozy feeling...even with that being said, there is too much going on here to label this as a gourmand...a subdued and polite oud flavor lurks in the background...also a slight growl of civet adds to the usual with the Sultan's magic potions , this is a rolling/evolving/kaleidoscope of an accord with constant interchanges of seems like when I put my nose to my hand to get a whiff it's never the same as the whiff before or after...i can detect vetiver and some woodiness...some hot buttered rum and a glass of cognac at the nicely polished wooden bar...some almond cookies on the side...citrus and flowers listed are pretty discreet for's there, but only if you really really concentrate...all in all, a fun fragrance and I find it very wearable...good, but there's a lot of Sultan's creations that I like better than this...
15th April, 2019