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Neutral Reviews of Luna Rossa Eau Sport by Prada

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Ok, after 5 positive reviews, here goes :) I'll admit upfront, I've never smelt the original Luna Rossa, so I can't really compare it with that.

I'm about 20 minutes into a sample on my wrist, and the overall impression I'm getting is linear lavender meh. Breathing in deeply there's a dark, slightly smoky edge to that lavender, but I really have to go looking for it.

It reminds of the sweets you can get in the UK - parma violets. It also reminds me of Tempore Uomo by Laura Biagiotti, although they don't share many notes. Hmmm.

Yeah, I'm going to stick with my original 'meh'. It isn't unpleasant, but I'm going to file my 10ml as a safe, work option only.

Unless you love lavender, of course, then you'll be in hog's heaven :)
27th February, 2017