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So smooth! Warm iris, black leather, tonka powder, a vanilla back of throat low toned, deep growl that mellows to a purrr of comfort. A slightly higher emphasis on iris and tonka than Dior Homme Intense - Uomo Intense is a very Valentino upgrade to the Uomo masculine iris game. Rating 9 of 10 stars. Oh, the bottle design adds greatly to the enjoyability of this fragrance - it sets the stage with great confidence.
17th July, 2019
A smoother and more creamy version of dior homme intense, much more approachable, like orange ice-cream with a touch of leather and a good dose of iris ..high quality and beautiful bottle, longivity is a good 12 hours. Would suit any situation dressed up and cosy nights in.
09th August, 2018 (last edited: 02nd November, 2018)
Big iris opening similar to DH but has the extra powdery-chocolate feel that DHI is famous for. Also kinda gives me a cola vibe, kinda like M7. Soft, seductive and dressed up. Great for cooler weather.

Performance is excellent, projects and lasts all day with only a few sprays.
13th March, 2018
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Quality..... This is like a different take on Dior Homme. Much stronger in its lasting power.

It lingers on your skin for a very long time. Very cozy warming scent.

Very cool bottle too.
Massive thumbs up from me.
23rd February, 2018
Easily a Dior Homme flanker. The original was like that as well though it leaned in other directions that led me to wonder what notes would be highlighted in the intense version.
Would not buy this if you already have Dior Homme. On the flip side, if you love the iris based masculinity presented by DH then you'll love this. This is darker too in some applications.
28th December, 2017
Really great, reminds me of Dior Homme. Lasts a bit longer and has a bit of powder but fantastic all around.
01st December, 2017
For the first 30 - 45 minutes It's all about the iris. It really is one of the best iris notes I have encountered. Once we get to the mid and base the iris takes a step back and what we are left with is a creamy vanilla with touches of leather and suede.

The fragrance is overly romantic, highly sophisticated and smells way beyond It's price point. The gorgeous bottle is an added bonus.

I will add that while I absolutely loved this fragrance to start with it can become over sickly if you spray too much or use it on consecutive days.

02nd October, 2017 (last edited: 23rd September, 2019)
Got a sample of Valetino Uomo Intense from Nordstroms. After a 12hr workday with a midday workout VUI was still going strong! The truth. Great longevity and projection. I have never worn an Iris heavy frag until now. The iris note dominates with the womans makeup bag smell. I didn't really know if I liked the smell but it's kind of addicting in an unusual way. Not a very masculine scent and quite feminine bc of the Iris. The leather scent saves the day and is the only thing preserving the man card. I have mixed emotions on this but I think I like it. Thumbs up.... for now.
26th February, 2017 (last edited: 13th March, 2017)
That Iris opening fades too quickly! Why do all men fragrances with Iris fade? Yes it may be feminine, but I love the note.

Uomo intense reminds me so much of Dior Homme, especially at its drydown. Dior Homme sticks with the Iris a lot longer which is why I have not bought Uomo Intense yet. DH and VUI smell exactly the same at opening, with VUI smelling somewhat more complex. After 10 minutes, Uomo's Iris note completely fades into a creamy, leathery, vanilla scent which smells delicious but a little too sweet making it not especially versatile or manly. My girlfriend said she could see herself wearing this fragrance due to how sweet it is.

Since I cannot find Dior Homme Intense here in Canada for the life of me, I may eventually pick this up as people keep comparing VUI to vintage DHI.

Packaging: 9.25/10
Quality: 10/10
Scent: 9.5/10
Uniqueness: 6.25/10
Longevity: 8.5/10
Sillage: 7/10
Versatility: 6.75/10

Overall: 8.2
20th February, 2017
DH/DHI clone, par excellence. Ok, so it's not original. Is it any good? O boy, yes it is. Thick, strong, pungent, "black".

Unlike Dior, no softness, only style and character. It can be a very good substitute for Dior, not because of price, but because of the similar story with different characters.

Good thing is, it's not syrupy sweet. It has some sharpness, dryness and some sort of powderiness that doesn't allow the sweetness go berserk and in the wrong direction.

Conclusion: if you already own any of Dior Homme line (Homme, Intense, Parfum), don't bother. If you had any of those and wish to try something similar or better yet own, go ahead, give Valentino Uomo/Valentino Uomo Intense a chance, it is well deserved.

Originality 4/10
Scent 8/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 9/10
09th January, 2017
This is a nice replacement for the current versions of DH and DHI. Uomo Intense bridges the gap between vintage and reformulation. It leans more towards the vintage side which is what everyone was hoping for. Valentino did an excellent job at listening to thier customer base and giving them exactly what they wanted. Bravo!
08th January, 2017
Delightful to have discovered this flanker of the also great original. Uomo Intense takes the powdery, gourmand qualities of Uomo (Tonka, Vanilla) and definitely yields a more long lasting, more "visible" fragrance. A distinctive, pleasant scent that I'll never tire of.
20th December, 2016
A sweet, powdery vanillic scent.

This opens up with powdery Iris reminiscent of that found in DHI. as it dries down it starts to get more sweet from the vanilla and tonka with hints of leather.

Performance is excellent 9/10

Overall score 7.8/10
10th November, 2016 (last edited: 06th April, 2017)
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Excellent. Take the iris note from the original Dior Homme Intense--the iris not everyone raved about--the iris note people paid $250 to smell by buying bottles of the vintage silver collar DHI--and put it in the opening of Uomo Intense. That's how it begins, with that wonderful makeup-like iris, sweet and aromatic and completely distinct. I almost want to say that it's better here--a little more polished and pronounced with the performance turned up a notch. The iris is balanced with a smooth accord of suede and this gives it a cool, luxurious appeal, making it modern and mature at the same time, something to be worn at night when going out. Finally, the iris and leather recede into a base of rich, high quality vanilla. The vanilla is so well done here, sweet without feeling sugary in any way, deep and rich, the perfect smell for someone who's leaning in close to you to bury their nose in. The notes in Uomo Intense make it a distinct and alluring fragrance, the perfect scent to wear on a date. Its performance is excellent, but it never gets loud or obnoxious. While I liked the original Uomo, I thought it was good but not great, a little saccharine at times and clumsy. Uomo Intense is in a different league. This is a GREAT fragrance and its popularity should certainly pick up as more and more people smell it. You can't go wrong with this in my opinion. It's worth sampling for sure and even recommended as a blind buy. Thumbs up!
30th October, 2016
Whoohah! This is something else, compared to other 2015/2016 releases. The first 5 second are 100% mandarin. Then it does a 360 turn into vanilla. Bold,expensive,and thick vanilla. And some tonka. Smells expensive, luxurious and while its just vanilla, its so different to the fresh spicy woody vanillas. No spices, no wood and not fresh.
04th October, 2016
I recently tested Valentino Uomo Intense at Lord & Talyor. It is a beautiful, semi-gourmond dominated by notes of Iris and Vanilla. Uomo Intense is both sweet and creamy while remaining masculine. It is not too sweet for my taste nor did it get powdery on me and the quality is definitely there. It will make you feel sexy and sophisticated. I can see the appeal of this new release from Valentino and I must admit I enjoyed wearing it. Performance was good too.
30th September, 2016
I came to this as I'd already tried Valentino Uomo, and heard this isn't too much of a vast departure from the original. A darker version, they all said....

The first differences to my nose appear to be the dialled down chocolate-hazlenut that was present in Uomo, with iris and leather put more to the fore in this version. I certainly pick up a little medicinal sweetness, reminding me a little of the cherry tobacco note in Pure Havane though without the bombastic A*Men vibes.

By all accounts, the iris places this as being like an intense version of Dior Homme (but NOT a version of Dior Homme Intense), so could be ideal for anyone wanting a better-performing DH that - like me - is less keen on DHI's heavier use of iris. The powder and leather aspects in this also places this near Midnight In Paris as another good comparable fragrance.

Although most ideal for dates / evening wear, this is a relatively safe fragrance that could be worn during the day. However, it projects a bit so watching the sprays is key. Longevity appears average-to-good with at least 5-6 hours on my skin.

Overall, Uomo Intense is different enough from Uomo (especially if you dislike the chocolate notes of the original) to warrant owning both, but it does retain similarities to the already popular Dior Homme. However, the performance on Uomo Intense is a bit more robust, so might provide a good stand-in if you like the scent of DH but find it's performance somewhat lacking (and find DHI's iris a little too much).
03rd September, 2016
My wife loves this cologne. It's a change from my normal profile, softer, more powdery, more vanilla. It's silage is huge, sometimes so huge I worry it's too loud, though in a soft way. It's an interesting change up in my normal rotation.
05th August, 2016
I never buy designer perfumes but I'm seriously considering getting this one.

Yes, it's very similiar to Dior Homme, but the drydown is definetely better. Close to the end, almost all the notes dissapear to leave only a very clean and pure scent of vanilla. Almost organic vanilla, High quality vanilla. It's magic when this happens. I'm getting a bottle.
22nd July, 2016
Another's lady killer scent.a big compliment getter. VUI is a warm and oriental fragrance that represents its sweetness and abundance of is less complex and refined than the original.this kind of scents has excellent quality,gives you prestige and confidence and makes you irresistible as you need when you go for that first kiss that first job interview and of course that first date it is just the best to use.Positive,Luxurious,Sweet,Powdery, Modern,Attractive,Confident,Comforting and Magnetic.

A truly impressive start with clary sage and mandarn orange convert rapidly to powdery spices notes.the base is flattering soft with vanilla,while leather gives the perfume a masculine touch.these connect to a sensual and exciting combination that is perfectly complemented by a confident character.the scent is absoloutely powdery and a little waxy but not as much anymore.a touch of gourmand in the heart but not nearly sweet enough for a full gourmand scent.ideal for lovers of Dior Homme Intense.perfect for nights and romantic meetings with your sweetheart.


Longevity?8 hours on my skin.

12th June, 2016