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Negative Reviews of Cadavre Exquis by Bruno Fazzolari

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I bought a sample of Cadavre Exquis right after it came out, in hopes of experiencing the freakshow that everyone else seemed to be getting from of it. I love perfume freakshows, because I love weirdness and actively seek it out. Hell, I live there. I bought property there.

Back to the fragrance. I don't know what happened, but I'm obviously hyposmic to something in it, because all I smelled was the strongest public urinal note I have *ever* smelled--and that is saying something. Stuff like Absolue pour le Soir and Kouros fades in comparison. Then, as often happens with urinous notes, it got louder and more unbearable as it stayed on my skin, until about half an hour later, when I finally had to scrub it before I started retching. It was that realistic.

I know my sample was fine, because I passed it on to HouseOfPhlegethon, whose review jives with the general impression of "zany and inedible but compelling gourmand." Burnt chocolate? Spices? Curried Tootsie Roll? I wish. My Cadavre Exquis smelled like Paris Pissoir 1938--perfect for feigning homelessness, or maybe Jean Genet cosplay.
03rd July, 2018
It doesn't work for me, even with full openmindness. It's like rotting jasmine and chocolate and spices all mixed together... I'll give the sample away. I never do that.
14th April, 2017
It's just two guys having fun in the lab.
The perfumers call this a "frankenstein", a "monster".
Cadavre means death body by the way.
They intentionally made something that stinks.

So where is the art here?
Is this perfume a tirade against gourmands?
Why do these artsy perfumes need to stink all the time?
That is so easy to do.

So who is wearing this?
On what occasion?
Did the big supporters buy a bottle?

Smoke. Camphor. Licorice.
Vulgar fruity bubblegum is peaking through.
On a bed of stinky animalics.

Well indeed, bravo for making something unwearable.
That is so artsy and so difficult to do.

07th November, 2016
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Stardate 20160930:

Imagine a curry made by someone who has never cooked before. Then add a lot of tootsie roll into it and cook for an hour. Then add some bad old chocolate.
That would be more edible then this is wearable.

If the recipe excites you then go ahead and try it. I dare you.
01st October, 2016