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Positive Reviews of Gold Intensive Aoud by Mancera

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Received a small decant of this from a great fragrance connoisseur-Bbjr, thanks again friend! Gold Intensitive is a great opens with a fresh rose with some geranium followed by some woodiness. There is a fresh aquatic aroma that envelops, hence Voyage in the name- a sea type fragrance mixed with the white musk that blends very well. As it dry's, there is the Amber that causes everything to culminate. I'm not sure if tobacco is in the list of notes, however there is the smell of tobacco that hovers and adds a nice touch to this aroma. Nice fragrance; will give it a few wears in the week(s)..
resembles Tom Ford's Noir...
Sillage is great.
Projection is ok, but the verdict's still well as longevity.
Overall, a great fragrance!
30th June, 2016