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Neutral Reviews of Armani Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

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An oily floral oud this one.
I prefer woody dry ouds and though this is well blended, I do not love it. The rose saffron combo is usually off-putting and too much, but in this instance it is well balanced. It is worth a sniff and I think it would smell better on her than him.
16th January, 2018
Smooth, restrained opening even though its elements have the potential to be potent… but I sprayed lightly. I get primarily pink pepper, cardamom, iris, saffron, and a shadowy oud note; and even though the combination is rather generic and identifiably synthetic, its quiet balance and warmth makes it a plus accord for me.

The middle level is a let down from the opening: the spices from the top and base flatten out with the addition a very dusty iris note, so the heart accord turns out to have only powdery, dusty spice-cabinet ambiance. It would help if I could smell the pyramid-listed rose or geranium, but, the only floral that is clear to me is the iris. Even the barely-present oud note doesn’t bring much interest.

In the base, along with the exhausted oud, I get a modicum of tonka and saffron... This accord is no more than a pleasant skin scent.

Eau de Nuit Oud seems to me to be a genuine Armani product, and that is not necessarily a bad thing… but in this case I was expecting much more than it delivers. It certainly is not an offensive scent, and I do respect its discretion in the beginning, but the scent kept fading both in strength and interest, and its longevity is unacceptable.
17th November, 2017 (last edited: 29th December, 2017)
Light sweet mixture of cardamom and tonka. I smell no oud, natural or otherwise. Forgettable and generic
04th June, 2017
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The opening is great but the drydown is lacking. Sweet, woody and fresh but then turns very light and generic.

I was sold on this from the opening but after getting past that phase it is not wishlist worthy.

Projection is good during the first 3-4 hours and then it goes to a skin scent for another two and then it's gone.
17th March, 2017
A peppery (huge cardamom), peppery, peppery inoffensive mainstream little fragrance (thankfully the synth oudh is not so gassy-cedary-saffrony but soapy-watery and mildly woody). Iris is dominant (in its main link with cardamomish tonka and mild woods), kind of liquid and vaguely dusty-sugary (delicately woody-mild). Not bad but "just not bad".
05th December, 2016
A rich smoky woodsy scent strong spunky personality.the smokiness never become cloudy or dirty.a sign of Arabian style with masculine nuances of roses and raspy saffron in an nice manner but it is not for everyone.this EDP is indeed quite strong and potent at first so it should be used with utmost care.Charismatic,Warm,Spicy,Oriental,Balsamic,Smoky, Gorgeous,Earthy,Opulent,Sensual,Woody and Sweet.

This starts out with a heavy blast of rose,oud and middle eastern spices that all smell impressively nice.the rich and elegant saffron and Tonka bean in the base which gives maturity and sweetness to the fragrance for the modern oriental man who builds on the legace of the ages to develop his own vibrant and successful lifestyle.for those who adore the scent of oudh from Cambodia this one is not special but nice indeed.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

29th August, 2016