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Negative Reviews of His Majesty The Oud by Atkinsons

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With His Majesty the Oud Atkinsons go into major mash-up mode squishing together an angry belch of a spicy smoky oud (shades of Amouage’s Interlude man) and a cookie dough vanilla. To say this is a marriage under duress is putting it mildly. These two just hate each other’s guts and it shows in this perfume that seems to be all over the pretty nasty place. The notes promised me lapsang souchong, a brew that can carry me away on a winter’s day – and actually in the heart phase there is some of its gunpowder and smoke but smothered in that persistent, unctuous vanilla. Sadly, a hot mess.
12th January, 2019
From the first minutes of smelling this fragrance: very dry (and I would say too dry), which sucks all the moisture from my nasal mucosa (not so nice). It feels like putting my nose in a pot of milk powder and vanilla sugar. Dry nose still, but also dry throat.
Well, a glass of water, 10 minutes after, I hit the smelling again.
There I found a note that I particularly like, kind of osmanthus, like a smoked tea with apricot, and as a bonus, a balmy facet, resinous, which reminds me of the Fir Balsam absolute.
Osmanthus + Fir Balsam (according to my feelings) = I love, but drought remains stuck to my palate.
Overall, that perfume does not really please me because I find it really to dry.
30th August, 2016