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Negative Reviews of Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

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Dark Rebel Rider is distinctive, surprisingly so for the Varvatos line, which skews more towards "restrained" (even the original Dark Rebel is a kind of forgettable mass-market thing). While I'll give this points for originality, this is a truly cloying blend of motorcycle jacket leather and a thick, syrupy, resinous take on a "Dr. Pepper"-y spicy background which left me recoiling in disgust.

Dark Rebel Rider would seem to have served the inspiration for Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature (2018), which takes this same scent DNA and softens the sharp edges. The resulting scent is less punchy than Dark Rebel Rider but is altogether more elegant and balanced.
01st September, 2019
Enjoyable when first sprayed on, drydown is headache inducing. Returned to store.

14th June, 2018
Still in the initial stages of wearing this one. The first hour and a half of the raging campfire smell is awesome. I would rather they did not put patchouli in DRR. There is enough incense vibe with the other notes. Unfortunately, because patchouli is so common it takes DRR into "hippie store" territory as some other reviewers mentioned and were turned off by. If DRR was more straight up campfire, gasoline, resin, smokey woods, leather and roasted marshmallow (vanilla) without the patchouli and the flowery notes I think it would be cleaner and evoke more of the camp/moto wanderer. Even an interesting forest or a beach note would have worked better. I would have preferred palo santo or sage or pinon or something else along those lines in the base. What about rushing wind? I'll update again after more wear time, but in general fragrance folks GO EASY ON PATCHOULI in your releases and/or don't use it - it's really not your friend or mine. :-(

Also, this fragrance has nothing to do with Dirty English, which I own. I wish DRR had been more dry or included vetiver, oak moss or cypress instead of patchouli.

UPDATE: Second act of this fragrance is a patchouli bomb. You will smell more like a Hippie Chick from the 60's instead of a Dark Rebel Rider of today.
02nd May, 2018 (last edited: 06th May, 2018)
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United States
I could not get this scent off me for at least two hours. I tried it on at Dillards and by the time I got out of the mall I was nauseous. Very rarely does a scent truly make me want to scrub it off, but this did. It wouldn't scrub off, so apply with care. Spray the paper first and let it dry down. The initial opening is very nice. The drydown, totally different.
14th February, 2017
Darker by way of more leather. I find regular DR to be soft around the edges though dark. DRR is deeper and an intense version essentially, but the main note that is highlighted is leather.
It is clear that tobacco leather scents are a trend in of the past 2 years and this is a solid contender.
29th September, 2016