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Positive Reviews of Izia by Sisley

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Lush citrus amber rose with a touch of peony. Izia gets better the more it sits on the skin. One of the few perfumes whose scent improved the longer it was on the paper test strip and on the skin. If your not a fan of aldehydes or a soapy rose, don't worry, both of these settle down after a bit. My favorite Sisley perfume thus far.
01st July, 2018
It's a very clean and refreshing rose.
It opens with a blast of Bergamot and pink pepper. Then after about 5-10 minutes I get a nice rose aroma. The rose and Bergamot last a decent amount of time and never fade away. After about an hour I started to get some cedar and musk notes from this and those played really nicely with the Bergamot and rose.

I never got much of any amber.

Overall this is a very clean, refreshing, and somewhat soapy rose fragrance.
03rd March, 2017