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Positive Reviews of Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Caban by Yves Saint Laurent

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Nutty, slightly fruity, like sweet berries. Candied rose petals. Vanilla qualities. Sweet, resinous odors, as well. This is warm and cozy so far.

More floral. Tonka doesn't kill with over-saturation; there's just enough to mix with the resinous, balsamic presence.

A buttery nuance appears - could be Osmanthus blended with other notes. It is marvelous!... Gentle sandalwood here. It is just a happy feeling fragrance, for me. Leans feminine. Too pricey for a full bottle. A decent-sized decant would be worthwhile. Not too sweet - Oriental-styled goodness. Four stars.
22nd May, 2020
In the tradition of other houses creating niche-quality, mostly unisex formulations, YSL has the "Le Vestiaire des Parfums" collection, reflecting its line of clothing.

The first I've experienced is "Caban", with these notes:
Top = pink pepper, black pepper, elemi;
Heart = olibanum, osmanthus, rose;
Base = sandalwood, tonka, patchouli.

Tonka bean and sandalwood are the most noticeable notes in Caban, as is the exotic pink pepper. It has a definite balsamic vibe thanks to the olibanum and elemi resins, both adding their smoky, pungent touches. With the rose and other remaining elements, Caban ends up with a soft, aromatic, powdery finish that is elegant.

16th October, 2018
I am not a huge fan of rose fragrances, but the combination of the pink pepper and the tonka bean dries down to a lovely delicate rose scent on me that is almost powdery. I bought a sample of this perfume but now will have to buy a full bottle. Love this scent.
18th November, 2017 (last edited: 07th December, 2017)
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