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Neutral Reviews of MEM by Bogue Profumo

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Bogue seems to make scents that I genuinely admire, but don't want to actually wear. Maai was a bit too bombastic for me and O/E, too synthetic, (although I nearly bought a bottle of Aeon 001). MEM, unfortunately, also fits into to my "interesting, but unwearable" category. When I took my first sniff of this fragrance, I was in heaven; for approximately a minute and a half, MEM smelled very much like the heavenly scent of a horse's mane and/or hide. Unfortunately, this amazing olfactory sensation was gone in a flash, only to be replaced by an amazing array of unidentifiable notes, which were in turn, replaced by other unknown ones. This dizzying swirl finally died down to a sort of civetty, herbally, lavendar. Although I am usually a big fan of civet, here the note lent less of an animalic growl and more of a clean, fresh urine aspect to the progression.

I think a few folks who are naturally inclined to love anything new and avant-garde in perfumery, will find MEM intriguing. It is definitely kaleidoscopic and unusual and will keep you sniffing at your wrists in sheer wonderment.
10th September, 2017