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Positive Reviews of Exclusive Oud by Zara

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A very good oud scent with a lean towards the gourmand side, rather than an animalic oud. Exclusive Oud is well rounded, never any edginess, nor dominance from any singular note. The synthetic oud here is ‘soft’, aided by the spice notes; the patchouli keeps this from becoming overly sweet. Oud and a not-bitter cedar note endure throughout the drydown and display above average longevity. Sillage crescendos not into offensive levels, and that’s quite alright as this is a sensual scent.
Overall, this is quite agreeable, delicious and a great blind buy. Zara Exclusive Oud and Sultan Al Oudh by Al-Rehab, are quite similar and easily my favorites in the Oud family.
05th November, 2017 (last edited: 09th November, 2017)
This Eau de Parfum was the very first fragrance I added to my growing collection after years of owning only M&S Woodspice Aftershave.
Aside from the obviously synthetic Oud (which they nearly all are now, but some are done better than others) this really is a very impressive effort for a low cost from Zara.
The cinnamon is there but not overdone in any way, similarly with the Patchouli, and a very small amount of leather, barely noticeable on me, combines with the Oud and Cedar to give this fragrance a much more expensive smell than it has any right having.
Longevity is well above average, particularly on clothing where it remained for a couple of days.
This is definitely an autumn/winter scent, not one for warm days.
01st August, 2017