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Positive Reviews of Mousse de Chene 30 by Le Labo

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Le Labo Mousse de Chene 30, the latest City Exclusive, translates to oak moss, and oakmoss is unsurprisingly the strongest note of the lot, though I do get some of the patchouli and a lot of greenness.

It's not terribly deep or complex to my nose, though, and it's possible I'm simply missing out on its greatness but for the most part it's easy to like, but difficult for me to love.

It's pleasant to wear, very agreeable, and versatile, likely working for men/women, summer/winter, night/day.

The updated City Exclusive pricing ($300 for 50ml, $460 for 100ml) is unsurprisingly untenable for most except for the most beloved fragrances, and in this case, I'm disinclined to pursue it further for that reason, as agreeable as it is.

7 out of 10
21st September, 2017
I must admit, it took a bit of research and repeated wearings to break down this fragrance in simpler terms. It was one of the most difficult scents for me to describe but I think I've nailed it in "Plain English."
If you have ever had the chance to sample oak moss absolute like I have, you would immediately recognize the distinct aromatic qualities in this perfume. The oak moss accord is quite pronounced here but in the tenacious synthetic form (Evernyl.) It can be best described as a very warm, dark, slightly sweet, rich, earthy, creamy-woody aroma. Soon after the opening, you immediately notice that this fragrance isn't as dark as you think it would be. There is an undeniable fresh spicy, zesty, rosy nuance (known as pink pepper) that we see so much in Geza Schoen's work (Ormonde Jayne Black Gold, Isfarkand, Escentric Molecules) and even some similarity with Le Labo's Chicago City Exclusive, Baie Rose 26. I immediately recognized this note from the initial spray as I am a huge fan of Geza Schoen. But, the spices seem to come from various angles here. It's fresh yet also very dynamic. A balanced blend of Bay oil and Cinnamon creates a distinctive mild clove-like, spicy-warmth that lingers throughout the dry down. All in all, this fragrance is very warm/comforting, addictive, woody, creamy, smooth, fresh and spicy!! Mousse de Chene 30 will get plenty of use this fall and winter.

Overall rating 9/10
07th September, 2017