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Positive Reviews of Cuir de Russie (new) by Godet

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Godet's leather fragrance is almost on the opposite end of the spectrum from CHANEL's. It is almost as if you mixed the CHANEL (minus the slight fecal nature of the vintage version) with vintage LE DIX. Violets and leather, oh my! Anyone interested in a throwback, retro, and somewhat feminine smelling leather, should seek this out. It's not my thing, but I have a feeling that many perfumistas would adore this particular combination. Deep, violet-y, iris-y florals sitting on top of a beautiful leather base.
27th January, 2019
nice fresh leather...just a little animalic...enough of a gasoline vibe to be noticed , but not overdone...nice flowery accents with iris and violet leading the way...just a wee bit of smokiness...leather is up there as one of my favorite fragrance categories and I would be very happy to have a bottle of this in my wardrobe...a very nice play on leather that would be a pleasure for me to it settles in get a nice cloud like presence of musky woods...overall, a wonderful smelling leather fragrance...
23rd October, 2018

I would not classify this new scent as a Cuir rather as a Woody Vetiver with whispers of Spice. Benzoin adds a Golden resinous hue. Nagarmotha offers a mild smokiness which could be stretched to a Cuir-ish slant. A mild soapiness adds an elegance. Beautiful balanced scent without the Sugary mess so often found in Contemporary perfumes.
10th September, 2017 (last edited: 26th October, 2019)
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